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“Choose the right one for you”

Apart from managing the temperature and controlling the energy charging, the ECOMBI Smart System comes with 5 different operating modes so that users can decide which one best meets their needs.


This mode is perfect for those weekend homes or office premises, located in cold areas, where the equipment will not be running several days a week or even for long periods of time. In this case, if you activate the frost-protection mode, ECOMBI will not allow the room temperature to fall under 70C, thus avoiding problems such as the pipes freezing up or the house getting too cold or damp before it is next used.

By using the Frost-Protection Mode together with the weekly programming, you can decide which days of the week you want the equipment to be running and which of these are in frost-protection mode.


This option will allow ECOMBI to operate as a traditional standard storage heater.


When the weather warms up in spring, you usually switch off the heating as you do not need it. However, there is usually still the odd day when the temperature drops and you need some form of heating quickly. The convection mode in ECOMBI is ideal to heat up a room quickly.


In this mode, ECOMBI will operate as a traditional standard storage heater, backed up by a convection system that can be used as necessary to heat the room as required.

There are times, particularly in spring and autumn, when the temperature can change sharply from one day to another, or even on the same day. The storage heater might not have charged all the energy needed to provide the heat the room may require. Some extra heating would be needed as a back-up to ensure the room is at a comfortable temperature.


This is the very essence of the ECOMBI System. This option allows ECOMBI to run in a combined mode, but with the great advantage of automatically correcting the energy charging. It will only be charged during the off-peak tariff.

If extra heating is needed in the room, the additional convection system will be activated to heat the room as required. This feature will be assessed by the ESICC electronic control module, which will correct the energy charging during the next off peak charging period in order to minimise the use of this convection element.

In the same way, if the room is too hot, the ESSIC smart module will lower the energy charging.

Why spend more if I am going to need less?

By adjusting the charging to the temperature requirements of the user, ECOMBI WILL ONLY CHARGE THE REAL REQUIRED ENERGY to heat up the room. All this according to the ESICC electronic control module.

This will lead to significant energy savings.

“Savings for your wallet while not forgetting sustainability”

“Choose your mode and enjoy the comfort at your home”