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Extremely user friendly with just three simple steps

The ECOMBI control panel is highly intuitive. Thanks to its user-friendly system, it will take you just three simple steps to set the mode and desired temperature.

  1. Individualised control.
  2. Possibility of managing different charging periods.
  3. Delayed Charging.
  4. Weekly programming.
  5. Comfort Temperature vs. ECO Temperature.

Ease maximum to use in three easy steps

The controls ECOMBI is very intuitive, with easy use. You will realize the easy to set up the mode and the temperature in three easy steps.

To set it in the Automatic ECOMBI Mode, push the “mod.” button until an “A” appears on the screen.

Use the “+” and “-“ keys to select the desired temperature of the room.

And that is all it takes to enjoy the all day long comfort of the ECOMBI System.

Individualised control

The ECOMBI units have an individual thermostat for constant and separate control of the room heat requirements where it is installed.

An ECOMBI installation does not require external charging control units or additional timers. 

It is all included in each ECOMBI.

Possibility of managing different charging periods

ECOMBI allows different charging periods to be programmed during a single 24-hour interval. Each unit has its own digital timer to set the available Time Of Use (TOU) or Time Of Day (TOD) off-peak tariff periods.

Delayed Charging

A very useful feature of the ECOMBI System that helps to optimise managing the energy is the delayed charging. If the off-peak tariff charging period is from 12:00 am. to 8:00 am. and ECOMBI has established that it needs to charge 50%, the charging will take place in the second part of the charging period. This means that the ECOMBI will be 100% ready at the start of the peak tariff period, thus making the most of cost-cutting potential. This feature may be turned on or off using the unit parameters.

Weekly programming

The ECOMBI system has a weekly programme feature to meet your needs.

You can programme your ECOMBI unit to run on the days of the week that you choose. This option is very useful when used in weekend homes or in offices, where there are days of the week when the system does not need to be run.

Comfort Temperature vs. ECO Temperature

Set up temperature can be programmed in a daily or weekly basis. The user can decide which periods of the day should be in Comfort temperature and in ECO temperature (-3 ºC than Comfort temperature). On weekends this program can be overridden.

“With the ECOMBI System, everything is under control”