Active Storage water heaters > Different sizes



The GABARRÓN ACTIVE range has three lines of electric storage water heaters to adapt to the installation and space needs.


This line adapts to the different space availability of the customers, thanks to its size and capacity options.

One of its strongest points is that these storage water heaters can be fitted vertically or horizontally with the intakes to the left.


This range has been specifically designed to be fitted in small spaces, thanks to its special diameter for the tightest of spaces.

It is the ideal option to be fitted in small bathrooms, narrow cupboards, fitted kitchen cupboards or toilets in small establishments.

Active Compact

This storage water heater line is the most compact of the GABARRÓN storage water heater range.

A line developed to adapt to small installations which need hot water fast and there and then, such as in the kitchen, a garage or doctor’s consultancy room…

These models are particularly easy to install as thanks to their mounting system, they only need a single wall mount.