Thermira air to water heat pump


Renewable energy to heat your home


✓ Heating, Cooling and Domestic Hot Water (“DHW”)
✓ Major savings
✓ Environmentally friendly


Renew the climatization of your home and make it more sustainable with the Thermira air to water heat pump system


Invest in renewable energy and achieve cleaner and more efficient heating and cooling, while saving on your energy bill


Thermira air to water heat pump are perfect for home renovations or new builds.

If you have a heating installation with conventional heating and with water radiators, fancoils or underfloor heating, now you can save on your bills and protect the environment at the same time.

Discover all the opportunities that the aerothermal system offers for sustainability and for reducing emissions.



System with a single external unit

✓ Suitable for heating, cooling and domestic hot water

✓ Works with radiators, fancoils and underfloor heating

✓ Control via Wifi through the App

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System with internal and external units

✓ Suitable for heating, cooling and domestic hot water

✓ Works with radiators, fancoils and underfloor heating

✓ Single phase and three phase models

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Domestic hot water cylinder

✓ Efficient DHW solution

✓ Includes function for disinfection of water at high temperature

✓ Built-in thermostat and safety valve

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Vertical installation

✓ Built-in safety valve

✓ Prevents a high number of switch-ons, when rapid temperature variations happen

✓ Storage of hot or cold water to increase the thermal inertia

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Floor or Ceiling Installation

✓ Heats and cools room environment

✓ Quick room climatization. Includes sleep function

✓ Includes remote control

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Wall Installation

✓ Heats and cools room environment

✓ Quick room climatization. Includes sleep function

✓ Includes remote control

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An aerothermal system provides renewable energy that allows you to heat, cool and generate hot water by using thermal energy found in the air all around us.

The heat pump air to water is one of the best alternatives to traditional boilers, whether gas, diesel or electrical boilers.

The Thermira aerothermal range guarantees you comfort and continuous savings from the initial moment of installation. It offers you many advantanges and benefits.


The ELNUR GABARRON Thermira air to water pump extracts heat from the air outside and uses a small amount of energy, while providing us with up to 75% of free energy.

The Thermira air to water heat pump system consumes no more than the electricity required to operate the compressor, the electronics and the water pump to provide us with up to 4 kWh of heat per kWh of energy consumed.

To heat the installation water, the system will capture from the external air the existing thermal energy and will pass it through a full circuit of ecological refrigerant, a type of coolant that will not harm the ozone layer and gives optimum performance.

The interchange will send the energy generated to the water of the heating or domestic hot water installation (heating by underfloor heating, low temperature radiators or fancoils and conventional radiators used in the traditional central heating systems).


Discover the reasons to install Thermira air to water heat pump system in your home


Major energy savings

Significant savings in energy consumption result, resulting in 75% of free energy.



The aerothermal system allows you to use different heating systems, such as water radiators, fancoils and underfloor heating.



There are several options to air conditioning the space, using fancoils or underfloor heating.


Domestic Hot Water

The aerothermal system gives the possibility to obtain Domestic Hot Water for the whole house, using a water tank connected to the system.


Inverter technology

Adjusts perfectly to the capacity required. Ensures maximum comfort, while saving on consumption and extending the product’s working life.


Simple and intuitive installation

The technical intervention of a refrigeration technician is not required to install Thermira Monobloc models.


Compatible with other pre-installed systems

Thermira can be supplemented by other heating or cooling systems already installed in the home.


Environmentally friendly energy

Aerothermal energy is a non-polluting energy that uses refrigerant with a lower environmental impact.


Classified as renewable energy

Installation of a system classified as Renewable Energy, which improves the energy classification of the home.


Minimal emissions of CO2

The aerothermal installations do not generate CO2 emissions while working.


Completely safe system

This type of installation does not use fossil fuels when operating.


Wide range of temperatures

Provides heat in the home at extreme temperatures of up to -20ºC outside and provides cool air at outside temperatures of up to 48ºC.


Compatible with other renewable energies

Thermira can work with energy produced from other sources of renewable energy, such as photovoltaic installations.


Management via the App

Thermira Monobloc models can be managed with mobile devices through its own App.


Ideal for new builds

Installation of the aerothermal system is perfect for home renovation projects and new builds.


Inverter technology

The key to achieving savings with inverter systems is the compressor, which can operate at different speeds, while maintaining a constant room temperature. In this way, it allows the heat pump power to adjust to the energy demands of the installation, without the compressor having to start more than necessary.

By adjusting the power to the home’s thermal needs, not only do we improve the system durability but we are also able to reduce unnecessary consumption and improve the level of comfort throughout the house.

The high efficiency DC Inverter compressors have a structure that allows exceptionally high performance and minimum energy losses.

Heat pump air to water system compared to other heating systems


Despite having the same energy input to the home, each heating system exploits in a different way the heat generated.

Whereas conventional heating systems generate practically the same useful heat in the home as the energy consumed, the aerothermal system generates 4 times more useful heat than traditional energies.

With aerothermal systems, we obtain 75% more useful heat than with traditional heating systems. We therefore save energy and help to respect the environment, as it is energy that does not pollute and offers low consumption.

The environment

Aerothermal systems are renewable energy that does not pollute, in line with the 2030 Agenda

By relying on renewable energies such as the heat pumps air to water and encouraging energy savings with the use of our products, we meet the 2030 Sustainable Objectives.

That is without overlooking the continuous improvement that distinguishes our production processes and our long-established commitment to quality and environment management systems (ISO Norms 9001 and 14001).


✓ Affordable and clean energy

✓ Industry, innovation and infrastructure

✓ Sustainable cities and communities

✓ Responsible consumption and production


Frequently asked questions

What are SCOP and SEER?

The energy efficiency or performance of the climatization equipment is measured by SCOP and SEER ratios.

SCOP is the “Seasonal efficiency co-efficient” and determines the performance of the aerothermal system during heating, so we can calculate the consumption of a device in heat. On the other hand, SEER is the “Seasonal energy efficiency ratio” and tells us the performance of the aerothermal system during cooling.

The advantage of knowing these seasonal ratios is that they take into account parameters such as the operation of the equipment with partial charges (100%, 74%, 47% and 21%), in other words measurements made in the most regular conditions of use, and include consumption by the aerothermal system when it is on stand-by or switched off by the thermostat, always while taking into account different temperatures outdoors.

In this way, thanks to seasonal efficiency, we can know the efficiency of the climatization system during a whole cooling or heating season and its consumption.

How much noise does the heat pump aire to water system make?

Aerothermal systems comprise extremely quiet machines. The data sheets of the various machines identify differences in the amount of decibels emitted but the most of heat pumps aire to water on the market comply with the noise levels permitted.

Obviously, they are not completely silent, as the compressor and fan of the external unit inevitably make some noise during their normal operation (the sound is extremely similar to an air conditioning unit).

The external unit should be correctly located and there is no reason why it should be a nuisance either by day or night, as the vibrations are negligible. They can be prevented by putting silent-blocks in the external unit (a sort of anti-vibration spring).

Which model of heat pump air to water does my home need?

Many factors need to be considered to decide how much aerothermal energy is needed for each home: the size and type of home, the location, the height of the floor / ceiling, the amount of insulation, heating and air-conditioning systems due to work with the aerothermal system, underfloor heating, etc. If you have any doubts, please contact us and we will help you with the calculations.

Are the air source heat pumps a renewable energy?

Yes, heat pumps air to water system is a renewable energy that does not pollute. In this way, the environment is not subjected to excessive emissions and it helps us to reduce our carbon footprint. It is a renewable energy because it uses minimum energy to operate, as it can provide 3 or 4 times more energy than it consumes. What is more, it uses thermal energy present in the air outside to heat and climatize the home, through different heating systems such as water radiators, underfloor heating or fancoil units on the floor or ceiling.

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