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Discover all the advantages of Thermira air to water heat pumps in comparison to traditional boilers

The air to water heat pump is one of the best alternatives for substituting traditional boilers, whether gas, diesel or electrical.

Air to water heat pump is the perfect solution as it provides central heating at home, making the most of the existing installation and with much greater efficiency than any of the above-mentioned systems.

Thermira guarantees comfort and ongoing savings from the moment it is installed, placing numerous advantages and benefits within your reach.

  1. Real and significant savings, in energy consumption, up to 75% free energy.
  2. Central heating, cooling and domestic hot water (DHW). All in the same system.
  3. Wide range of operating temperatures. Thermira air to water heat pump is prepared to provide you with heating even at extreme temperatures of -20ºC, and cooling when the outside temperature reaches 48 ºC.
  4. Inverter Technology, which adapts perfectly to the power required, ensuring maximum comfort, savings on consumption and lengthening the life of the product.
  5. Ideal for renovation projects and new houses.
  6. Thermira can be complemented by other traditional systems that are already installed in the home.
  7. It is compatible with renewable energies such as solar energy.
  8. Installation is simple and the device is intuitive in use. No technician is required for the Thermira Monobloc range.
  9. Environmentally friendly. It does not need a chimney, a fume vent, or ventilation grids.
  10. The system is classified as  Renewable Energy.
  11. Minimum CO2 emission when working.
  12. Uses R410A refrigerant which does not damage the ozone layer.
  13. Can be connected to a thermostat so you can control and manage heating and cooling in your home.