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Air to water heat pump technology reduces consumption and CO2 emission.

The Gabarrón Thermira air to water heat pump extracts heat from the outside air and by using a small amount of energy can provide us with up to 75% free energy.


To heat water in the facility, the system captures thermal energy from the outside air and takes it through a circuit full of R410A ecological refrigerant.

A heat exchanger transmits the energy generated to the water in the heating system or DHW (underfloor heating, low temperature radiators, fan coils and conventional radiators used in traditional central heating systems).

R410A, used in the thermal cycle, is an ecological refrigerant that does not harm the ozone layer and boasts optimal performance.

Furthermore, Thermira works with Inverter technology, a system that enables energy savings of up to 30% in comparison to other equipment that does not have this technology.

Inverter Technology

The secret in inverter system saving lies in the compressor, which can work at different speeds while maintaining the room temperature constant and with no changes. Hence it can adapt the power of the heat pump to the energy demand of each facility, and the compressor does not have to start up every time it is necessary.

The development of compressors in recent years has enabled them not only to work at different speeds, by getting rid of the “on-off” device each time the temperature changes, but also to make them more efficient by helping to improve the performance of the heat pump.

DC Inverter Compressor

The high-efficiency DC Inverter Compressors are specially designed for the use of R410A ecological refrigerant while their structure allows for very high performance and minimum energy loss.
By using ongoing power regulation technology, the DC Inverter Compressor achieves an ongoing regulated output between 20 and 120 Hz.

By modulating the power depending on the house’s heating needs, not only do we improve the durability of the system but we also reduce unnecessary consumption, in addition to improving comfort throughout the house.

DC Fan Motor and ventilator

The aerodynamic design and great air flow of the efficient axial ventilator provides a powerful cooling capacity and guarantees the stability and reliability of the system.

The continuous adjustment of the DC ventilator motor ensures a greater volume of air flow and less energy consumption. It adjusts to the necessary power by measuring the condensation pressure (in cooling) or the evaporation pressure (in heating), accurately modulating the speed and increasing the efficiency of the system.

“Thermira, the most sustainable low-consumption comfort, within everyone’s reach”.