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Thermira DHW Tank – an efficient solution for domestic hot water

Thermira depósito de agua MTG-201Thermira air to water pump not only provides us with heating and cooling, but also domestic hot water (DHW). Installing a Thermira DHW tank connected to the heat pump system will provide you with hot water at home, by means of Thermira heat pump’s own efficiency and operation.

The water tank is made of stainless steel and boasts excellent anti-rust protection. The heat exchanger in its stainless steel interior, together with the magnesium anode, make it very long-lasting.

The water tank is connected to the inside unit to heat water by means of a closed circuit at the optimum temperature of 50ºC, although it can also work at a higher range – up to 80ºC. It is also possible to use the anti-legionnaire function on a regular basis.

Dual detection control technology

A flexible control system, with dual temperature gauges to improve the proportion of hot water use.

The unit’s on and off system is controlled by temperature gauges located at the top and bottom of the tank. These two gauges detect water temperature and the unit’s state of operation in real time. By precise control and adjusting the temperature of the water, Thermira DHW tank guarantees hot water at over 80% of its capacity and ensures that hot water is available at all times.

Water injection and distribution technology

This technology consists of a water input pipe, specially designed with numerous perforations that minimize the thermal shock produced inside the tank when cold water comes in.

This interior injection and distribution of water improves both the performance time for obtaining DHW, always guaranteeing an optimum amount of hot water, and also extends the useful life of the accumulator tank.

Anti-legionella function

The high-temperature “Disinfection” function heats water up to 70 ºC in order to avoid the growth of bacteria and ensure the best possible quality of domestic hot water.

Neither the inside of the tank, made of stainless steel, nor the coil inside, will affect the quality of the DHW at any time.

Magnesium anode and high-efficiency thermal insulation

The Thermira DHW tank is made of SUS304L stainless steel and includes a magnesium anode, thereby making the tank highly resistant to rust and increasing the equipment’s useful life.

The tank also has a high-efficiency foam layer. It is 50mm thick in order to obtain maximum thermal insulation – 20mm thicker than the usual layers – and improves heat maintenance inside the water tank.