Thermira bibloc aerothermal system

Thermira Bibloc Air-to-Water Heat Pump indoor and outdoor unit


The Thermira Bibloc aerothermal system is a system in increasing demand from clients who seek great comfort and maximum energy savings at the same time, while using renewable energy. It is an ideal system to reduce energy consumption, as well as CO2 emissions, all achieved while using a single energy source for all domestic needs (heating, cooling and hot water).

It adapts perfectly to the majority of the different types of home, as it works with underfloor heating, fancoil or conventional radiators.

The Thermira aerothermal system gives excellent performance, even with low outside temperatures of -20ºC. It has become a perfect alternative to other, less efficient and traditional heating systems.


  • Ideal for both renovation projects and new builds.
  • Thermira can function alongside other, traditonal systems already installed in the home.
  • Real savings in energy consumption; up to 75% of free energy.
  • Greater energy efficiency, with lower operating costs and lower CO2 emissions than traditional systems.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Respects the environment. Does not require chimneys, smoke vent or tiresome ventilation grilles.
  • Wide range of operating temperatures. Prepared to provide heat, even at extreme temperatures up to -20ºC and provide cool air at outside temperatures of up to 48ºC.
  • Heating, cooling and domestic hot water.
  • Prepared to operate in installations of conventional radiators, fan-coils or underfloor heating.
  • Inverter technology, perfectly adapted to the power required. Ensures maximum comfort, while saving on consumption and extending the product’s working life.
  • Compatible with other sources of renewable energy.
  • Simple installation and intuitive management.
  • System categorized as Renewable Energy.
  • Operates without emitting CO2.
  • Uses ozone-friendly R410A refrigerant.
  • Compatible with ambient thermostats provided as accessories.

Outdoor unit

Heating capacity underfloor heating8 kW10 kW12 kW14 kW15,50 kW15,50 kW
Electrical consumption underfloor heating1,78 kW2,27 kW2,79 kW3,33 kW3,78 kW3,83 kW
COP underfloor heating4,504,404,304,204,104,05
Cooling capacity underfloor heating7,80 kW8,20 kW12,5 kW13,5 kW14,5 kW15 kW
Electrical consumption underfloor heating1,95 kW2,10 kW2,98 kW3,38 kW3,80 kW4,23 kW
EER underfloor heating4,003,904,204,003,823,55
Heating capacity fancoil or radiators7,6 kW9,5 kW11,5 kW12,5 kW14,5 kW14 kW
Electrical consumption fancoil or radiators2,242,883,383,794,534,38
COP of fancoil or radiators3,43,33,43,33,23,20
Electrical consumption fancoil or radiators2,33 kW2,77 kW2,74 kW3 kW3,34 kW3,86 kW
EER fancoil or radiators2,72,63,132,92,85
SEER fancoil or radiators4,414,393,853,893,914,03
Energy efficiency class 55ºCA+ (2,92)A+ (2,92)A+ (2,99)A+ (3,02)A+ (2,98)A+ (2,93)
Energy efficiency class 35ºCA++ (4,0)A++ (3,93)A++ (3,88)A++ (3,85)A++ (3,9)A++ (3,85)
SCOP 55ºC*3,553,553,503,653,783,65
SCOP 35ºC*5,635,635,235,305,305,23
Refrigerant Charge R410A2,3 kg2,3 kg3,6 kg3,6 kg3,6 kg3,6 kg
Sound pressure while heating56 dB(A)56 dB(A)58 dB(A)58 dB(A)58 dB(A)57 dB (A)
Sound pressure in refrigeration56 dB(A)56 dB(A)58 dB(A)58 dB(A)58 dB(A)57 dB (A)
Gas Connection5/8″5/8″5/8″5/8″5/8″5/8″
Liquid Connection3/8″3/8″3/8″3/8″3/8″3/8″
Dimensions (width x height x depth)98×78,8×42,7 cm98×78,8×42,7 cm90×13,5×41,2 cm90×13,5×41,2 cm90×13,5×41,2 cm90×13,5×41,2 cm
Weight80 kg80 kg107 kg107 kg107 kg114 kg

*SCOP in warm weather conditions.


Indoor Unit

Power supply230 V~230 V~230 V~230 V~230 V~230 V~
Water outlet temperature
(Underfloor heating)
Heating25-45 (Low temperature cycle)
Water outlet temperature
(Fancoils or rediators)
Heating25-55 (High temperature cycle)
Support resistance3 + 3 kW3 + 3 kW3 + 3 kW3 + 3 kW3 + 3 kW6 kW
Sound pressure31 dB(A)31 dB(A)31 dB(A)31 dB(A)31 dB(A)31 dB(A)
Hydraulic Connection1″1″1″1″1″1″
Dimensions (width x height x depth)98,1×32,4×50 cm98,1×32,4×50 cm98,1×32,4×50 cm98,1×32,4×50 cm98,1×32,4×50 cm98,1×32,4×50 cm
Net weight56 kg56 kg57 kg57 kg57 kg58 kg

The heating capacities and electrical consumptions provided are based on the following conditions:
– Underfloor heating conditions with water inlet at 30ºC / 35ºC; outdoor temperature 7ºC (dry bulb) / 6ºC (wet bulb).
– Cooling conditions for underfloor heating with water inlet at 23ºC / 18ºC; outdoor temperature 35ºC (BS) / 24ºC (BH).
– Heating conditions for fan coil or radiators with water inlet at 40ºC / 45ºC; outdoor temperature 7ºC (dry bulb) / 6ºC (wet bulb).
– Cooling conditions for fan coil or radiators with water inlet at 12ºC / 7ºC; outdoor temperature 35ºC (BS) / 24ºC (BH).
– Pipe length 7.5 m. Maximum distance between indoor and outdoor unit 30 m. Maximum difference in level between indoor and outdoor unit 15 m.


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