Thermira monobloc aerothermal system

Thermira Monobloc Air-to-Water Heat Pump


The Thermira Monobloc air to water heat pump is a compact system in the Thermira line that provides heating and cooling solutions and generates DHW for the home.

Thermira Monobloc has an integral design and is the aerothermal line that is easiest and quickest to install. Its basic operation is the same as the rest of the aerothermal ranges: extract heat from the ambient temperature to provide up to 4 times more energy than consumption. This means it is one of the most efficient models, with an energy classification of A+++ among single-phase models with R32 refrigerant gas.

Apart from its installation alongside habitual systems such as underfloor heating or fancoils, another of its main advantages is its better performance, with a hydraulic system with standard radiators, as it can reach a water pumping temperature above the standard one of up to 65ºC. So comfort can be achieved faster.

It does not need special fittings for installation, as it does not require chimneys, gas connections or diesel tanks.


  • Compact “all in one” system ideal for all types of home.
  • Ideal for both renovation projects and new builds.
  • Thermira can function alongside other, traditional systems already installed in the home.
  • Real savings in energy consumption; up to 75% of free energy.
  • Greater energy efficiency, with lower operating costs and lower CO2 emissions than traditional systems.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • External installation of equipment, so saves space inside.
  • Quick start-up.
  • Water pumping temperature up to 65ºC.
  • Respects the environment. Does not require chimneys, smoke vent or tiresome ventilation grilles.
  • Wide range of operating temperatures. Prepared to provide heat, even at extreme temperatures up to -25ºC and provide cool air at outside temperatures of up to 43ºC.
  • Heating, cooling and domestic hot water.
  • Prepared to operate in installations of conventional radiators, fancoils or underfloor heating.
  • A+++ energy efficiency.
  • Wifi connection to control the unit.
  • “Monobloc” aerothermal system, without coolant line installation.
  • Inverter technology, perfectly adapted to the power required. Ensures maximum comfort, while saving on consumption and extending the product’s working life.
  • Runs quietly.
  • Compatible with other sources of renewable energy.
  • Simple installation and intuitive management.
  • System categorized as Renewable Energy.
  • Operates without emitting CO2.
  • Uses R32 refrigerant that respects the environment.
  • Compatible with ambient thermostats provided as accessories.
Heating capacity underfloor heating6,35 kW8,40 kW10 kW12,10 kW15,90 kW
Electrical consumption underfloor heating1,28 kW1,63 kW2,02 kW2,44 kW3,53 kW
COP underfloor heating4,955,154,954,954,50
Cooling capacity underfloor heating6,50 kW8,30 kW9,90 kW12,00 kW14,90 kW
Electrical consumption underfloor heating6,50 kW8,30 kW9,90 kW12,00 kW14,90 kW
EER underfloor heating4,805,054,553,953,40
Heating capacity fancoil or radiators6,30 kW8,10 kW10,00 kW12,30 kW16,00 kW
Electrical consumption fancoil or radiators1,70 kW2,10 kW2,67 kW3,32 kW4,57 kW
COP of fancoil or radiators3,703,853,753,703,50
Cooling capacity of fancoil or radiators7,00 kW7,45 kW8,20 kW11,50 kW14,00 kW
Electrical consumption fancoil or radiators2,33 kW2,22 kW2,52 kW4,18 kW5,60 kW
EER fancoil or radiators3,003,353,252,752,50
Energy class. Water 55ºCA++A++A++A++A++
Energy class. Water 35ºCA+++A+++A+++A+++A+++
Cooling charge1,40 kg (R32)1,40 kg (R32)1,40 kg (R32)1,75 kg (R32)1,75 kg (R32)
Sound pressure while heating47,5 dB48,5 dB48,5 dB53,0 dB57,5 dB
Voltage230 V~230 V~230 V~230 V~230 V ~
Hydraulic connection1″5/4″5/4″5/4″5/4″
(width x height x depth)
129×71.8×43 cm138×86.5×53 cm138×86.5×53 cm138×86.5×53 cm138×86.5×53 cm
Net weight86 kg105 kg105 kg129 kg129 kg

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