High-performance air to water heat pump

Thermira Plus provides the same solutions for heating, cooling and DHW production at home, and is specially designed to improve performance when working at a higher water propulsion temperature.

Together with Thermira Monobloc, Thermira Plus is one of the most efficient models with maximum performance when working at temperatures of up to 60ºC with a water system and traditional radiators. Installation and start-up are fast and do not require fume vents, chimneys or a connection to a gas supply or diesel tank.

Just like other air to water heat pump systems, Thermira Plus can be connected to a solar kit to increase efficiency and make the most of other renewable sources.

It can also be connected to a thermostat to obtain better control and perfect management of your heating and cooling at home.

  • Greater energy savings, providing over 75% free energy.
  • Greater energy efficiency at a lower operating cost and lower COemission than traditional systems.
  • Easy and quick installation.
  • Quick start-up.
  • Water propulsion temperature of up to 60ºC, ideal for reaching comfort faster with conventional radiators.