ECOMBI SOLAR smart static storage heater for pv installations



Discover the first smart solar storage heater designed to utilise the energy surplus from photovoltaic self-consumption installations.



Ecombi SOLAR is an intelligent storage heater capable of utilising your photovoltaic production surplus, converting the solar energy into stored heat and gradually delivering it to the room, providing the household with free heating.

  • First solar storage heater to the market
  • Transforms available surpluses into heating
  • Integral management via wifi
  • Clean and sustainable heating
  • Savings in consumption and use of solar panels installation




Ecombi SOLAR incorporate the Solar Manager technology, the latest of our innovations, developed and patented by ELNUR GABARRON.


Solar manager patented technology


  • Detects the surplus from photovoltaic self-consumption installations.
  • Intelligent distribution of energy to the installed devices.
  • Adapts the output of the heaters to the energy available.
  • Operates according to the established priorities and the different setpoints per room.


Ecombi SOLAR can operate as a back-up system to the main heating, consuming only the surpluses from the photovoltaic installation fed into the grid. These surpluses will be converted into stored heat and then later allocated to the room according to the set comfort needs.





If the generation of surpluses is not enough to provide the heating required, Ecombi SOLAR can operate as a single heating system and complete the charge during off-peak times.


icon solar and off-peak hours


The integral management of heating and the distribution and use of the solar production, as well as the control of the Ecombi SOLAR storage heaters, is possible through the G Control System, the free Elnur Gabarron Wifi Control app.

Displays the distribution of the surplus for heating on a daily, monthly or annual basis


Selects the operating mode best suited to the comfort desired


Chooses and defines the setpoint temperature on each of the appliances


Establishes the heating priorities for each room


  • Static, programmable and self-regulating SOLAR storage heater with wifi control.
  • Converts all the available self-consumption surplus into heating.
  • SOLAR MANAGER Technology, which manages the surplus and self-regulates and completes the charge based on a modulating operation.
  • TFT display with new highly intuitive panel control and lock function.
  • Integrated programmer clock.
  • Built-in daily and weekly programming.
  • Integrated G Control System, remote configuration and control via Internet with wifi connection.
  • Open window detection function for reduced energy waste.
  • Adaptive start control.
  • Built-in high-sensitivity digital thermostat ± 0,1ºC with calibration option.
  • Silent operation based on TRIAC technology.
  • Overheating protection on storage heating function.
  • Automatic safety thermostat with manual reset.
  • Built-in balancing heating element made of aluminium to supplement the stored heat as and when required.
  • Stainless steel core heating elements and aluminium front panel.
  • Side, front and rear air isolating chambers.
  • Steel structure powder coated in epoxy RAL 9010.
  • Total appliance lock system through the G Control app.
  • Robust thermoplastic fittings highly resistant to cleaning product agents.
  • Solar box accessory required for surplus control and management using the G Control System. Only one solar box needed per installation. It is offered as accessory.
  • G Control System is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
Nominal output 8 hours* 975 W 1300 W 1950 W 2600 W
Stored energy 7,8 kWh 10,4 kWh 15,6 kWh 20,8 kWh
Balancing element output** 450 W 600 W 900 W 1200 W
Voltage 220-240 V~ 220-240 V~ 220-240 V~ 220-240 V~
Insultation Clase I Clase I Clase I Clase I
Width x Height x Depth 55x73x18 66x73x18 89x73x18 111x73x18
Weight 61 kg 79 kg 112 kg 148 kg
Storage blocks 7.5 kg (Ref. 11016) 8 12 16
Storage blocks 11 kg (Ref. 11072) 4

*Nominal output is the average output consumed by the appliance during the charge period.
**Balancing element output is never included in the nominal output.

    • Does Ecombi SOLAR only work with surpluses?

Yes, Ecombi SOLAR can only be set to charge with the surplus energy generated by the self-consumption, photovoltaic installations connected to the network.

    • Can the Ecombi SOLAR work on an isolated self-consumption unit?

Although the Ecombi SOLAR system has been developed to exploit the surpluses from photovolatic installations or solar panels, it is possible to activate Ecombi SOLAR, through domotic systems, at the light point to power the storage heater.

    • How should I calculate the necessary equipment for my home?

ELNUR GABARRON provides you with a heating calculator that takes into consideration the characteristics of each room in the house and the climate in your area. It calculates the output and consumption needed to heat your home.

    • What minimum distance enables Ecombi SOLAR to communicate with the Solar Box switchboard?

The closest equipment to the switchboard needs to be a maximum of below 30 metres, assuming 2 or 3 walls between them. The different Ecombi SOLAR storage heaters combine to form a radio-frequency communication network. Together, they operate as a signal repeater that transmits, without any problem, the instructions from the App to the storage heater furthest away from the switchboard.

  • If there is a day without the necessary surplus to charge the storage heater, can Ecombi SOLAR be used?
  • If we want to heat the room only with this storage heater and if, one day, there are not sufficient surpluses to meet the temperature demand, Ecombi SOLAR can complete the missing charge by using the most economical energy. The equipment will charge during the off-peak period and when hourly tariffs are lower.

  • Is it necessary to connect Ecombi SOLAR to the App?
  • To exploit the surpluses in an intelligent way and automatically with the storage heaters, it is essential to connect the Ecombi SOLAR equipment to our Elnur Gabarron Wifi Control Solar App. It is totally free and available for IOS and Android devices alike.

  • What is Solar Box?
  • It is an accessory needed to exploit the surpluses. It is supplied separately from the equipment and it is only necessary to supply one for the entire home, provided the home does not exceed 30 installed equipment units.

  • Is the system compatible with the inverter of my photovoltaic installation?
  • Yes, our Solar Manager system is independent of the installation inverter. Consequently, it is universal and valid for any photovoltaic installation.

  • Is it possible to select different priorities in each room when distributing the energy?
  • Yes, via the App it is possible to allocate, room by room, the different levels of priority: HIGH, MEDIUM and LOW. The Solar Manager system will take into account the room temperatures and instructions of each.

  • Am I able to know how much solar energy each piece of equiment exploited?
  • Yes. Our daily, monthly and annual graphics show both the global exploitation of heating surpluses and the individual exploitation in each room. Should it be necessary to supplement the photovoltaic charge, the consumption in off-peak times is also shown.

  • Am I able to rationalize the total output of the equipment for the off-peak period?
  • Yes, if the equipment is operating in the mode (solar + off-peak), it is possible to set on the App the maximum simultaneous output of the equipment below which we do not wish to go. So, we can set to the maximum the output employed in the off-peak period.

  • Does Ecombi SOLAR require maintenance?
  • No, as it is a 100% electrical system, there is no combustion in its operation. So, it is a totally safe system and does not require any sort of maintenance.

  • Does the system take into consideration the temperature in each room?
  • Yes, each piece of equipment has a temperature sensor and informs the App of the temperature of the room where it is installed.

  • Will my solar generation be enough to have heating with Ecombi SOLAR?
  • Every home is different. It depends on many factors, such as the performance of the panels and installation inverter, the output of the necessary equipment, the delivery temperatures selected, the amount of house insulation, the windows, the home’s orientation, etc. Remember that, if it is the only heating system, if necessary the photovoltaic charge can be supplemented by energy captured during the off-peak period.

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