ADL fan assited storage heater


Fan assited ADL range storage heaters use off-peak electricity, storing heat at a greatly reduced cost and heating your home 24 hours a day. ADL fan assited storage heaters are designed to use the highest quality thermal insulation and have optimum dimensions.

ADL fan assited storage heaters use a silent fan which discharges the heat as and when the user requires. Thanks to these features, ADL fan assited storage heaters are easily regulated, retaining the heat inside when it is not needed. They are very versatile units, recommended for use in houses, commercial premises, offices and in general on any site where heat distribution is required at set hours and in a precise way.

Operating with an ambient thermostat, supplied as accessory, an ideal temperature over the whole dwelling is achieved.


  • 8 hours models compatible with the standard European off-peak electricity tariff.
  • Low speed silent turbine.
  • Hot air/fresh air mixer with thermostat for a homogenous air output.
  • Charging thermostat with sensor tube.
  • Safety thermostat with manual reset.
  • Microtherm G 25 mm insulation.
  • Front and side air chambers.
  • Powder coated RAL 9010 steel structure.
  • Compatible with Ambient Thermostats TA3, TA4D, CPT10 and X2D, all available as accessories.