Ecombi ARC dynamic solar-powered storage heater


Take advantage of energy surpluses from solar panels and maximise performance from your solar panels with the new, high retention dynamic storage heater

Ecombi ARC is designed for high heat retention and to offer maximise comfort. Part of the stored heat is released while the rest is retained to provide fast warming whenever you want it. This heat is dispersed by immediately acitvating a fan fitted in the equipment.

These Ecombi ARC storage heaters incorporate the patented Solar Manager technology to manage and distribute surpluses through different pieces of equipment, as well as connection to the G Control System that manages heating online. With the free Elnur Gabarron Wifi Control app, the user can control the heaters using Wifi, including selecting set-point temperatures and prioritising certain rooms in the home.


Ecombi ARC

  • It converts all available solar panels energy surpluses into free heating.
  • If the energy produced by the solar panels is insufficient, it is possible to complete the charge of the storage heater during off-peak hours.
  • It is fitted with a quiet fan which allows rapid heating of the room.
  • Efficient management of the heat discharge according to the comfort needs at any given moment.
  • Built-in daily and weekly programming. Integrated programmer clock.
  • Wifi Heating control through the Elnur Wifi Control app
  • Proximity detection using GPS location function.
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Allows different users to be created to manage the storage heaters via the App.
  • SOLAR MANAGER Patented Technology manages and distributes surpluses while adjusting the power of each piece of equipment.
  • Integrated G Control System, remote configuration and control via Internet with wifi connection.
  • ErP functions: Open Windows, adaptable start-up.
  • Electronic control of charge, with a core temperature gauge
  • TFT display with user-friendly keyboard.
  • Guided start-up.
  • Quiet fan..
  • Double thickness, reinforced insulation, with low thermal conductivity.
  • Efficient energy storage.
  • Safe, automatic thermal limiters and with manual re-set.
  • Stainless steel core heating elements.
  • Robust thermoplastic fittings highly resistant to cleaning product.
  • Steel structure powder coated in epoxy RAL 9010.
Nominal output 8 hours*1600 W2400 W3200 W
Stored energy12,8 kWh19,2 kWh25,6 kWh
Balancing element output**550 W750 W1000 W
Connection220-240 V~220-240 V~220-240 V~
InsultationClase IClase IClase I
Width x Height x Depth72x73x19,5 cm95x73x19,5 cm117x73x19,5 cm
Weight97 kg140 kg183 kg
Storage blocks 5 kg (Ref. 2007)121824

*These storage heaters allow 1 or 2 configurable charge periods.
**The capacity of the balancing heating element is never added to the storage capacity. The maximum connection capacity is the storage heater capacity.

  • Can Ecombi ARC storage heater be installed in bedrooms?
  • Yes, the Ecombi ARC is designed to quickly heat any type of room. However, it must be taken into account that Ecombi ARC is a dynamic high heat retention storage heater. Heat is transmitted to the room thanks to the in-built low-noise fan and for this reason, many people prefer the installation of a static storage heater in bedrooms, such as Ecombi Plus, which model is totally silent. Anyway, if you wish to heat a bedroom quickly, the Ecombi ARC is algo an excellent choice.

  • Can Ecombi ARC only work with surpluses?
  • Yes, Ecombi ARC can be set to only charge with the surplus energy generated by the self-consumption, photovoltaic installations connected to the network.

  • What should be the maximum distance between Ecombi ARC and the SOLAR Box switchboard?
  • The switchboard can be no further than 30 metres away, accounting for about 2 to 3 walls in between.
    Each Ecombi ARC storage heater uses radio frequency to communicate with each other. They act as a signal repeater that sends instructions from the app to the storage heater furthest from the switchboard.

  • If there is not a large enough surplus to charge the storage heater, can I still use Ecombi ARC?
  • If we want to heat the room just with that heater and if there is not enough surplus to meet the demand for temperature, Ecombi ARC can complete the missing charge with the most economical energy from the grid. The equipment will charge in the off-peak period with the hourly tariffs.

  • Is it necessary to connect Ecombi ARC to the App?
  • To exploit the surpluses in an intelligent way and automatically with the storage heaters, it is essential to connect the Ecombi ARC equipment to our Elnur Gabarron Wifi Control Solar App. It is totally free and available for IOS and Android devices alike.

  • What is Solar Box?
  • It is an accessory needed to exploit the surpluses. It is supplied separately from the equipment and it is only necessary to supply one for the entire home, provided the home does not exceed 30 installed equipment units.

  • Is the system compatible with the inverter of my photovoltaic installation?
  • Yes, our Solar Manager system is independent from the installation inverter. Therefore, it is universal and valid for any photovoltaic installation.

  • Is it possible to select different priorities in each room to distribute the energy?
  • Yes, via the App it is possible to allocate, room by room, the different levels of priority: HIGH, MEDIUM and LOW. The Solar Manager system will take into account the room temperatures and instructions of each.

  • Can I see how much solar energy each heater uses?
  • Yes. The app shows daily, monthly and annual graphics both of total solar energy surplus use and a room-by-room breakdown. If it is necessary to supplement solar charge with off-peak energy from an electrical network, then consumption at off-peak times is also shown in a graphic.

  • Can I set a cap on device use during the off-peak period?
  • Yes. If the equipment works in the mode (solar + off-peak), it is possible to mark in the App the maximum, simultaneous capacity of the equipments that we do not want to exceed. In this way, we are able to adjust to the maximum the contracted capacity during off-peak hours.

  • Does Ecombi ARC require maintenance?
  • No, as it is a 100% electrical system, there is no combustion in its operation. So, it is a totally safe system and does not require any sort of maintenance.

  • Does the system take into consideration the temperature in each room?
  • Yes, each piece of equipment has a temperature sensor and informs the App of the temperature of the room where it is installed.

  • Will my solar generation be enough to have heating with Ecombi ARC?
  • Every home is different. It depends on many factors, such as the performance of the panels and installation inverter, the output of the necessary equipment, the delivery temperatures selected, the amount of house insulation, the windows, the home’s orientation, etc.
    Remember that you can always finish charging your storage heaters using off-peak energy from the grid at the cheapest tariffs, if there have not been enough solar energy surpluses to complete the charge that day.

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