Energy savings and efficiency by controlling heating with wifi

Energy savings and efficiency by controlling heating with wifi

With the fall in temperatures, many people are opting for the installation or renovation of heating installations such as emitters, storage heaters and heating appliances. However, caution is advised because energy consumption is generally high in winter. As such, you should follow a set of recommendations to ensure the efficient use of heating. For example, always maintain a constant temperature, between 19o and 21oC, check the thermal insulation to head off possible heat losses, keep radiators uncovered, etc. These are some key tips for savings that can help you.

Another recommendation to achieve excellent energy savings with heating is through wifi control.

What are the benefits of heating systems with wifi control?

Radiators or storage heaters with wifi control provide a constant connection between the user and the appliance itself. As such, they are a key component of the smart house. The appliances allow you to regulate the temperature at any moment with just a tap of your mobile. Using this ultra-efficient method, you save energy, gain in comfort and, another important point, protect the planet through responsible and controlled use of heating.

Various studies estimate that the energy savings obtained by these solutions are close to 30%. This is thanks, for example, to hourly programming and the different operating modes, as well as energy rationalisation with appliances such as the output meter: a controller you can use to establish the maximum contracted output. The system will ensure that you never exceed this consumption, thereby avoiding general disconnections from the electric board.

And don’t forget the convenience of programmable electric heating: change the temperature without having to get up; access the system and make the changes you want from anywhere and at any time; clear and concise energy consumption information; possibility of establishing priorities between the heating appliances to avoid over-consumption, etc.

Ilustración que muestra ejemplo del funcionamiento del Sistema G Control

ELNUR GABARRON heating systems with wifi control

ELNUR GABARRON offers various types of heating systems with wifi control. Want to know more? Read on:

  • Ecombi Solar Storage Heater: this is the first storage heater on the market for solar panels with wifi control. It’s designed to utilise the surplus solar energy from photovoltaic self-consumption installations. The appliance can be managed entirely by the G Control System and the Elnur Gabarron Wifi Control app. Using the app, you can see the surplus production being used for heating, establish the comfort priorities for each of the rooms in your home, select the operating mode and define the temperature.
  • Ecombi Plus Storage Heater: this is a static, programmable and self-regulating storage heater. Ecombi Plus determines the exact power charge needed and clearly and dynamically adjusts the power charge, thereby greatly reducing energy consumption. It provides all the comfort needed, adjusting consumption automatically.
  • Inertia Electric Radiators: these heating appliances are electric radiators that are wall-mounted or portable with a set of wheels, that operate by connecting to the power grid. They are fully programmable and can operate via wifi. The emitters are also controlled and managed using the G Control System (Elnur Gabarron app, control unit and heating appliances).

Ultimately, these represent a sustainable, efficient and convenient heating methodology delivering optimal heat comfort to your home. Want to know more? Contact us.