Frequently asked questions



What is the difference between a static and a dynamic storage heater?

A static storage heater provides heat gradually by natural transfer, i.e. all the heat that has been charged will be gradually transferred to the room.

On the other hand, a dynamic heat accumulator provides part of the interior heat by natural transfer and the other part allows us to quickly raise the temperature by activating the forced impulsion to provide instantaneous heat in the room.

Dynamic storage heaters are high heat retention equipment, so they are able to save up to 50% of the heat for the next day if you haven’t used it by activating the forced air supply.

Within our range of storage heaters, Ecombi PRO is a static storage heater ideal for all types of rooms and Ecombi ARC is a dynamic storage heater perfect for large rooms such as living rooms, large bedrooms, kitchens or passageways.

Can I convert my Ecombi PRO storage heaters to solar by adding the SOLAR BOX?

No, the SOLAR BOX accessory can only be used with Ecombi SOLAR and Ecombi ARC solar storage heaters.

Ecombi PRO does not include the SOLAR MANAGER technology for surplus detection in photovoltaic installations.

You can only add to Ecombi PRO the G CONTROL HUB switchboard for the management through wifi

Is it possible to replace old storage heaters with Ecombi PRO without altering the electrical installations in my home?

Yes, you may replace any old storage heater with an Ecombi PRO storage heater without making any alterations to your electrical installations.

Is it possible to keep the current timer switch?

Yes, the Ecombi PRO storage heaters have their own integrated timer, avoiding the need to have external clocks in the panel. However, in case you would like to keep the timer in your home because the new equipment has to coexist simultaneously with other traditional storage heaters, it is fully configurable and you only have to modify two parameters in the working mode so that it can work as a traditional static storage heater.

Which Ecombi PRO model will replace my old storage heater?

Owing to its functioning, it is possible that, with Ecombi PRO, the necessary output of the equipment to be installed will be reduced. The ideal situation is to make the necessary calculation with our heating calculator to discover the most suitable Ecombi for the room.

Is it necessary to install a special electrical line with a night-time tariff for Ecombi PRO?

No. Each Ecombi PRO is fitted with a digital time switch, enabling it to be connected to a normal light point. This storage heater does not need to be supplied by a special line with a time switch, as in the old installations. In addition, it can be adapted to this type of installation and work in conjunction with traditional accumulators.

Do I need to change my electrical tariff?

As it is heating equipment that exploits the most economical energy period to generate heat, we recommend that you use a tariff that includes one or several off-peak periods throughout the day.

Does Ecombi PRO consume less than conventional storage heaters?

Yes, Ecombi PRO allows consumption to be managed in an intelligent way, based on thermal needs.
To that end, it monitors the room temperature during the entire 24 hours of the day and establishes the necessary level of charge to maintain the selected temperature. So, it avoids unnecessary consumption.

Is it complicated to configure Ecombi PRO storage heating equipment?

No, Ecombi PRO incorporates a quick start-up in just three steps. You can set it up with the help of the instruction manual.

Is any maintenance required?

No, as the Ecombi PRO storage heater is a 100% electrical system and no combustion occurs during its operation, it is totally safe and does not require any maintnenance whatsoever.

Can I adjust the capacity contract to the operation of the different Ecombi PRO equipment?

Yes, with the new Ecombi PRO storage heaters it is possible to obtain a dynamic control of the power since they are able to adapt their consumption in real time and alternate their operation among the different equipments of the same installation, avoiding exceeding the power limit when the storage heaters and other household appliances of the house are operating simultaneously.

How can I get a dynamic power control with heating equipment?

To rationalize the simultaneous output, it is essential to connect the equipment to the Elnur Wifi Control App via WiFi with the switchboard control HUB.
In addition, the PM rationalizer will be installed in the home’s electrical panel to inform the App of the home’s total consumption. Finally, it is possible to indicate the maximum capacity of the house contract. So, the App will alternate the operation of the equipment when it detects that total consumption is about to exceed the contracted output.
In this way, the storage heaters can alternate their operation to never exceed the maximum power set, taking into account the comfort priorities set up in each unit.

What are the advantages of Ecombi PRO wifi control?
  • Remote control and full management. You can manage the Ecombi PRO equipment via any Smartphone, Tablet or device with an Internet connection (On / Off, program, temperature control, equipment settings, etc.).
  • Recording of consumption and temperature. You may see, at any time and via the App, a graphic to show all the historic data for consumption and temperature.
  • Rationalize the output of your home. In order not to exceed the contracted output during periods of high consumption, the various equipment units distribute output amongst one another through an automatic disconnection.
  • Location detector. The Ecombi PRO storage heater georeferences your location via your mobile device.
Is it necessary to install G Control Hub for wifi management?

Yes, the G Control Hub switchboard plays a vital role in controlling the equipment via the Elnur WiFi Control App.

What is more, you should download the Elni WiFi Control App on your mobile device and use it to control your storage heaters. The download is completely free and is available in the main stores.

How many Ecombi PRO storage heaters may I control with one G Control Hub?

For every G Control Hub switchboard, you may control up to 31 Ecombi PRO storage heaters.

Can I reduce the total output contracted with the electrical company?

Yes, it is possible to adjust the contracted output, including the G Control PM device.

What is G Control PM?

It is a device that detects the total consumption of the house and allows a dynamic control of the power of Elnur Gabarron heating equipment. As the rationalization is done through the application, only the equipments with wifi technology are able to establish heating priorities and rationalize in the same installation.


How does the G Control PM controller work?

The G Control PM power controller reports directly to the home’s electrical consumption system. When it is about to exceed the contracted capacity, the system will manage the connection or disconnection of the different Ecombi PRO installed so that it will never exeed the maximum output. The final result is a more precise adjustment to the contracted capacity and, consequently, a lower bill for you.

How do I install the G Control PM controller?

The G Control PM controller is fitted in a DIN rail of the electrical panel. It is connected to an intensity gauge to discover the output of the home’s total consumption.

What is the dynamic power control?

The dynamic power control CDP is the technology that allows the simultaneous operation of several storage heaters in the home, adapting their consumption and allowing the contracted power to be reduced in order to keep the power term as close as possible to the consumption.
The CDP gives the user the opportunity to enjoy a more efficient consumption, since it performs real-time readings of each heating and DHW equipment, along with the rest of the domestic consumption as a whole.

What is the Dynamic Power Control measured with?

With the PM power meter it is possible to adjust the maximum contracted power for the home and establish heating priorities among the different equipments, adapting consumption to never exceed the established maximum power.
When the system detects a consumption very close to or higher than the contracted power, it will determine which equipment or equipment to disconnect momentarily, depending on the priority set for each one of them.


Which type of boiler would suit me?

The first thing we have to decide is what type of boiler we are going to need according to the requirements we have to meet, i.e. if we are going to need just heating or if we are going to need a Combi boiler that covers all our heating needs as well as those of domestic hot water (DHW).

The next thing to take into account is whether we are going to need a wall-mounted or floor-standing boiler.

Finally, you must be clear about whether you want to use the boiler with conventional water radiators or underfloor heating, whether the installation is three-phase or single-phase and determine the power required for the home.

Remember that ELNUR GABARRON Mattira boilers can limit their output depending on the installation.

How do you calculate the installed capacity required?

To calculate the capacity of an electric boiler, we must take various factors into account. We would ask you to contact us on (+34) 91.628.14.40 and we will advice you on the installed capacity taking your circumstances into account. If you prefer, you can also send us an email to [email protected]

What's the difference between monophase or triphase installation?

It will all depend on the home’s individual system.

  • Monophase is where the electricity travels by a single flow of alternating current. This tends to be the most common system for apartment-type dwellings.
  • Triphase is used for larger chalet-type properties or businesses, and consists of three flows of alternating current for the electricity to pass.

The boiler should be adapted at the point of manufacture for the type of system in the dwelling where it will be installed.

What is the electric boiler modulation?

The modulating operation of Elnur Gabarron electric boilers is managed by an Intelligent Control Electronic Modulation System (EMS), which will regulate the output according to actual heat demand. The boiler will work for longer at minimum power and carry out fewer on/off operations, saving electricity consumption, compared with a system without modulation.

In order to modulate the boilers, an external thermostat must be connected. Modulation only occurs for the heating circuit, not for heating domestic hot water.

What is Auto heating Regulation?

This is a feature managed by the Intelligent Control Electronic Modulation System (EMS). It is possible to regulate the temperature at which the boiler boosts the heating circuit water, according to the existing temperature outside the house. This method of regulation offers maximum comfort, because it anticipates changes in the heating needs of the house. An external temperature sensor needs to be connected to activate this mode. This “Outdoor Sensor” is offered as an accessory.

An ambient thermostat is necessary for the boiler to work?

Mattira boilers can operate perfectly without an ambient thermostat. Lack of a thermostat will restrict the boiler so it cannot modulate the Auto Heating Regulation function, nor can this be activated; both features that help not just to improve the dwelling’s comfort, but to avoid unnecessary consumption of electricity. You can find different models of ambient thermostats and chronothermostats in our accessories section.

What are the differences between 18 kW and 15kW boilers?

The kilowatts will determine the maximum output both boiler models can reach. 18 kW boilers might require this output at most, in one system.

On the other hand, both models can be configured to reduce their output and limit the boiler to the maximum requirements of the system. The main difference between both is that the 18 kW model, because of the type of resistor it has inside, will be able to modulate in outputs of three in three stages, and it will be possible to limit the boiler’s outputs to 3 kW, 6 kW, 9 kW, 12 kW, 15 kW and 18 kW.

By contrast, the 15 kW boiler will be able to modulate in 1 kW stages and it will be possible to limit the output from 3kW at least up to 15 kW (excluding 14 kW output).

Can a service technician change a monophase boiler to triphase and vice versa?

ASTS or After Sales Technical Service can carry out the necessary adaptations to convert a monophase boiler into triphase and vice versa. However, we recommend giving this information at the start of the order, so we can ensure that the boiler leaves the factory configured and adapted, as nearly as possible, to the system in which it is going to be placed.

Can I substitute a gas or oil boiler for an electric boiler for supplying heating and domestic hot water?

Absolutely. Electric boilers will use the same water circuit to heat the house as gas or oil boilers. They are a perfect solution for every type of home, whether renovated or new build, and for those without access to the gas network supply, or with other kinds of limitation.

In addition, they do not use combustible fuels and can be installed in unventilated rooms, thus avoiding annoying ventilation grilles which compromise the dwelling’s thermal insulation.

Can an electric boiler be installed to supply hot water with fancoils?

Yes. The boiler will be responsible for heating the water in the hydraulic circuit to which the fancoils will be connected. These units act as a means of transferring ambient heat.

Can Elnur Gabarron electric boilers be used for underfloor heating?

Yes. Elnur Gabarron boilers are perfectly compatible with an underfloor heating system for heat transfer as a central heating system or hydraulic circuit. The factory will just have to be informed in advance to adapt the heating thermostat for this purpose.

Can the system be compartmentalised with underfloor heating if various independent circuits are installed?

Yes. Elnur Gabarron electric boilers will be able to operate to give you heating via underfloor heating, even when the circuit is installed in various hydraulic circuits to compartmentalise the system. If the circuits are underfloor heating circuits, you will be able to install the boiler directly, but always leaving 1 circuit in operation through which 7l./min. pass, to avoid Error3 (water circulation error).

If the circuits work at different temperatures, for example one with underfloor heating and another with radiators or fancoils, we always recommend installation of a buffer tank connected to the boiler. In this case, the tank will be heated by the boiler to the higher temperature needed by one of the circuits (for the radiators) and the lower temperature circuit (for underfloor heating) will have to have a mixing valve fitted in the outlet from the buffer tank leading to this circuit.

Can water leak or drip from the boiler?

It can happen that the boiler has water dripping through the safety valves owing to excessive water pressure in the circuit. In this case, we recommend that you contact us on (+34) 91.628.14.40 to confirm what might be happening and if it is necessary for an After Sales Technical Service in your area to attend.

What maintenance do electric boilers need?

Unlike gas boilers, electric boilers do not require any sort of compulsory maintenance. We, as the manufacturer, recommend the boiler’s power cables, electricity consumption and pressures to be checked.


How do you calculate the installed capacity required?

We can help you calculating the heating capacity you need for your installation. Please contact us on [email protected]

What are the differences between the Ecofluid and the EcoSeco Technology?

The main difference between a fluid radiator and a dry one lies in its interior.

Ecofluid emitters contain a special premium oil with high thermal conductivity, which is heated up through a heating element and then transmit the heat to the surface of the emitter and the room. Dry emitters heat the air in contact with a heating element in the form of a panel.

Oil filled radiator take more time to reach the set temperature compared with the dry emitter, which is quicker and more immediate.

Once the radiator is switched off, the Ecofluid radiators will keep on transmitting heat longer through the temperature of the inner liquid, whilts in dry emitters, once switched off the emitter will cool more rapidly.

The liquid is completely safe and non-flammable. We guarantee the water-tightness of ELNUR GABARRON radiators for 10 years.

Both types of radiators have the same consumption for the same output.

Is Ecofluid more efficient than Ecoseco technology?

Both types of radiators have the same 100% efficiency with the same output and the same electricity consumption.

Is Ecoseco technology safer than Ecofluid?

They are both equally safe, as both types of radiator are built to the same safety standards and with the same electric heating appliance protection.

Does one have a longer service life than the other?

No, the radiators of both technologies have a similar service life.

Is there one piece of equipment that is more durable than the other?

No, fluid-based heaters last as long as dry heaters.

Can wall-mounted heaters be fitted with wheels?

All our radiators are sold with patented brackets for quick and easy fixing to the wall.

For those who wish to put their ELNUR GABARRON heaters on wheels, they should take the following into account:

  • Wheels are not included.
  • Casters are sold as a separate accessory.
  • Casters are also an option (except for the RXE range).
Do you sell 2000W radiators and what is their availability?

We do have 2000W radiators in stock but since this output is less common, we always recommend that you ask about their availability to avoid delays in delivery.

Is there a fire risk with Ecofluid radiators, i.e: is the fluid flammable?

Zero risk. Thermal fluid is not flammable. It is a liquid with a high conductivity that encourages heat transmission.

In addition, units are built to safety and electromagnetic compatibility standards, meaning they can be turned on with total safety in any type of home including when the user is not at home, without any risk.

I have broken the control/wheel on the radiator (temperature selector). How can I get a new one?

Radiators with rotary or wheel controls/ temperature level selectors have an interior buffer or flange that may eventually separate owing to use or to excessive force.

If this occurs, you can contact us on (+34) 91.628.14.40 or by email [email protected] and we will tell you what steps to take to get one or more controls.

Do radiators include plugs?

Yes. All our radiators come with a plug.


Does it come with anchors or wall fixings?

Water heaters come with anchors for correct fixing to the wall.

What capacity of boiler should I install in my house?

To calculate the capacity of the water heater it is important to consider:

  • The number of people living in the house.
  • The amount of litres to be consumed at a specific moment.
  • The space available for the water heater installation.

The capacity of the tank, where the hot water is stored, will determine the quantity of litres of hot water we can have at a specific moment.

The chart below is only a guide, but it will help you determine what boiler capacity best meets the needs of your home.

capacidad termos

Can it be installed both horizontally and vertically?

The MULTIFIX ACTIVE Water Heater by ELNUR GABARRON allows both vertical and horizontal installation. You just have to take into account that for horizontal installation the sockets are always on the left. The ACTIVE SLIM boiler line can only be installed in a vertical position.

Is installation of a thermostatic valve with the water heater compulsory?

Installation of a thermostatic valve next to the water heater is not compulsory but it is recommended. This can be obtained independently as an accessory.


How can I take advantage of cheaper night-time electric tariffs?

At ELNUR we always recommend that our customers and consumers take out contracts for 10 kW power or less, that it is right for them to take out the electric tariff PVPC WITH TIME DISCRIMINATION as compared to STANDARD PVPC WITHOUT TIME DISCRIMINATION because:

  • During the OFF-PEAK period, kWh is up to approximately 56% cheaper than the standard tariff, benefiting from this reduction 14 hours a day.
  • kWh in the PEAK period is only around 20% dearer than the standard tariff.

This is the regulated tariff, which does NOT apply to the free market but which can be taken out with the main electric companies in Spain.

Which are the main reference distributors for the regulated Spanish market?

The reference distributors are energy companies designated by the Ministry for Industry as companies that are economically and structurally qualified to offer tariffs regulated by the Government. Only a limited number of these can provide this type of tariff to end consumers.

  • Viesgo Comercializadora de Referencia, S.L.
  • Iberdrola Comercialización de Último Recurso, S.A.U.
  • Endesa Energía XXI, S.L.U.
  • Gas Natural S.U.R. SDG, S.A.
  • EDP Comercializadora de Último Recurso, S.A.
  • CHC Comercializador de Referencia, S.L.U.
  • Empresa de Alumbrado Eléctrico de Ceuta Comercialización de Referencia, S.A.U (sólo Ceuta)
  • Teramelcor, S.L. (sólo Melilla)
What should I take into account when taking out an electricity tariff or changing companies?

According to the CNMC [National Commission on Financial Markets and Competition], before contracting the consumer must be made clearly aware of any electricity offer, its terms and conditions and, in particular, the obligation to remain in the contract, the obligation to take out other additional services, the updating of the terms of the offer, and cost-free services in addition to the supply offered. Paying special attention to these points can avoid later unexpected surprises.

What tariffs can the reference distributors offer?

The reference distributors are the only companies qualified to offer all the tariffs that exist on the regulated Spanish market and invoice as required in every case. Currently these companies can offer:

  • The price of light per hour: a contract system where a different electricity cost is paid every hour of the day according to the offer and the lighting demand in the wholesale market (pool). Only a user with a digital meter can qualify for the price of light per hour, as consumption has to be metered in each time band and this enable the supplier to apply the price corresponding to each instance of consumption in the dwelling.
  • The weighted average price: sonly applicable with analog meters. Distributors have until December 2018 to change all metering equipment to new digital units.
  • The annual fixed tariff which sets an electricity price lasting for 12 months where no price increases or reductions are allowed. This tariff must be requested beforehand by the user.
  • The reference distributors are the only ones who can apply the social benefit [discount] to the most vulnerable groups, those the government says are entitled to benefit from this assistance.
Is there any way to check if my lighting bill is correct?

It is possible to use a simulador from the CNMC where you can check your electricity bills from suppliers under the Voluntary Price for the Small Consumer (PVPC) and last resort bills for vulnerable consumers. (The link for the simulator is

This tool lets consumers check bills with a contracted supply less than or equal to 10kW from one of the following flagship suppliers (regulated market):

  • Viesgo Comercializadora de Referencia, S.L.
  • Iberdrola Comercialización de Último Recurso, S.A.U.
  • Endesa Energía XXI, S.L.U.
  • Gas Natural S.U.R. SDG, S.A.
  • EDP Comercializadora de Último Recurso, S.A.
  • CHC Comercializador de Referencia, S.L.U.

This tool cannot be used by:

  • consumers who have chosen the annual fixed price option offered by their reference distributors (<10kW)
  • consumers who have chosen one of the many offers on the free Spanish market (<10kW)
  • consumers with a contracted supply of more than 10 kW, even if they are supplied by a reference distributor.


What is the best heating solution for me?

The choice of heating depends on many factors: your habits; if you have a previous installation; the climate in your area, your electric tariff and cosumption, the thermal insulation, the size of the area to be heated… Gabarrón variety of products will allow you to find the best fit for your needs: storage heaters or Ecombi digital storage heaters, electric radiators or emitters, heat pumps, towel rails for bathrooms, convectors, fan heaters, heat pumps, electric boilers… Your authorized dealer will help you choosing the best option for you. In case of doubts, you can also write us to [email protected]

What factors should I take into account when choosing heating?
  • The insulation grade of the building or dwelling. When making our calculations we must take into account the house’s insulation grade: if it has been renovated and if there has been investment in improving the insulation, the year of construction etc.
  • Climatic conditions in the area. Province and location are essential in determining if we are talking about a warm or cold area.
  • Any system already in place for heating and domestic water. If the dwelling already has a hydraulic circuit installed with water radiators or underfloor heating or if, on the contrary, it has no circuit and what we are looking to do is install individual electric heating for each room.
  • The heating requirements of the user or those living in the house. It is not the same thing if 24 hours a day heating or just 5 or 6 hours of heating is required. Just as it is very different if there are always people at home, children or older people, than if we are talking about a house where people are only there from eight at night or where they only go at weekends.
  • The contracted electricity tariff and the contracted demand charge. In general, at Elnur we always recommend arranging an electricity tariff with time discrimination, i.e. the former night tariff. This tariff, in the current regulated Spanish market, is called PVPC [Voluntary Price for the Small Consumer] with time discrimination called 2.0 DHA, although you may also come across other similar ones on the free market from any electricity company. With this tariff, there tend to be more savings on the bill, because of off-peak hours, the cheapest being 14 hours a day.

The demand charge will be linked to the type of heating, because it will be necessary to contract for as many kW of heating as we are going to need, in addition to the usual domestic consumption: fridge, TVs, washing machine, tumble dryer, ceramic hobs, microwaves, lights, etc.

Where can I buy Elnur Gabarron products?

If you are an individual and you are interested in acquiring our products, you can get in touch with us at [email protected] and we will get you in touch with your closest distributor.

Can I become a Elnur Gabarron dealer?

If you are a company and want to become our distributor in your region, please get in touch with us at [email protected]

Where can I buy spares parts?

Most of spares parts can be acquired via our ASPs (Authorised Service Providers), or higher turnaround spares from our on-line store.

How can I find my nearest After Sales Technical Service (ASTS)?

On our website you will find a complete list of After Sales Technical Service in Spain for Heating, Air Conditioning and Heat pumps air to water products. Sales Technical Service.

What is the warranty on the product?

The product warranty will depend on the type of product, as well as the component concerned. The standard warranty is for 2 years, as indicated by law. However there are components where we extend the warranty period to 3, 5 or 10 years.

I can’t find the warranty document.

If the warranty document or purchase receipt cannot be found, please contact us on 91.628.14.40 or via email [email protected], telling us the model and barcode of the product. With this information we will be able to track the product to determine the date of purchase and establish the warranty period.

This information can be found in a sticker on the unit. Depending on the product, this sticker may be inside the front, on a side or at the back.


What refrigerant does BERING Ultraviolet use?

The BERING Ultraviolet portable air-conditioner uses the R290 ecological refrigerant, which has a low environmental impact.

Does the BERING Ultraviolet include a ventilation outlet?

Yes, the BERING Ultraviolet portable air-conditioner has an air evacuation pipe, which should be positioned on an external window or ventilation outlet. The kit for assembling the external air outlet is included.

Can BERING Ultraviolet be put in any room of the house?

Yes, wherever there is an external window or ventilation outlet and a socket to allow it to work. It also has 360º rotating wheels to allow its easy movement and transfer to other rooms.

Is ultraviolet light visible in BERING air conditioners and BRISS air conditioners?

No, the ultraviolet light is completely hidden inside the equipment and is not visible to the eyes for their protection.

Can BRISS Ultraviolet be put in any room of the house?

Yes, wherever there is a socket to allow it to work. It also comes with 360º rotating wheels to allow it be easily moved around the room.

Can I store BRISS Ultraviolet somewhere when the hot weather has gone away?

Yes, the BRISS Ultraviolet portable evaporative air-conditioner has been designed for storage in the seasons beyond spring and summer.

In which rooms may I put BRISS Ultraviolet?

You can put the portable air-conditioner in rooms that measure up to 25 m2

Does BELOC fan require an electrical system to operate?

Yes, but only to recharge the battery, which offers 10 hours of autonomy.

Can I put BELOC fan outside?

Yes, the BELOC portable wireless ventilator can be put in any part of the home, including on a terrace or in the garden, as it does not need a socket to connect directly to the electrical grid.

What is the guarantee on portable air conditioning products?

All ELNUR GABARRON portable air conditioning products are guaranteed for two years.

Can I use BELOC fan at different elevations?

It has an extendable arm to allow it to operate at different elevations, from 51 to 88 cm.

What is the guarantee on portable air conditioning products?

All ELNUR GABARRON portable air conditioning products are guaranteed for two years.


Can Ecombi SOLAR and Ecombi ARC only work with energy surpluses?

Yes, Ecombi SOLAR and Ecombi ARC can be programed to load and accumulate heat using only energy surpluses from solar panels.

What should be the maximum distance between Ecombi SOLAR and Ecombi ARC and the SOLAR Box switchboard?

The switchboard can be no further than 30 metres away, accounting for about 2 to 3 walls in between.

Each storage heater uses radio frequency to communicate with each other. They act as a signal repeater that sends instructions from the app to the storage heater furthest from the switchboard.

How do I know what storage heaters I need for my home?

ELNUR GABARRON offers you a heating calculator that accounts for the characteristics of each room in your home and the climate where you live.

If there is not a large enough surplus to charge the storage heater, can I still use Ecombi SOLAR and Ecombi ARC?

If we want to heat the room just with that heater and if there is not enough surplus to meet the demand for temperature, both solar storage heaters can complete the missing charge with the most economical energy from the grid. The equipment will charge in the off-peak period with the hourly tariffs.

Do I need to connect Ecombi SOLAR and Ecombi ARC to the App?

In order to use surpluses efficiently and intelligently, it is vital to connect Ecombi SOLAR and Ecombi ARC to our Elnur Gabarron Wifi Control App. It is completely free and available for IOS and Android devices.

What is the Solar Box accessory?

It is an accessory needed to exploit the surpluses. It is supplied separately from the equipment and it is only necessary to supply one for the entire home, provided the home does not exceed 30 installed equipment units.

Is the system compatible with the inverter of my photovoltaic installation?

Yes, our Solar Manager system is independent from the installation inverter. Therefore, it is universal and valid for any photovoltaic installation.

Is it possible to prioritise different rooms for surplus usage?

Yes, you can prioritise rooms through the App by using three different priority levels: HIGH, MEDIUM and LOW. The Solar Manager system will take this information into account to distribute energy surpluses in an intelligent way. In addition, the Solar Manager will also take into account room temperatures and set-points of each room.

Can I see how much solar energy each heater uses?

Yes. The app shows daily, monthly and annual graphics both of total solar energy surplus use and a room-by-room breakdown. If it is necessary to supplement solar charge with off-peak energy from an electrical network, then consumption at off-peak times is also shown in a graphic.

Can I set a cap on device use during the off-peak period?

Yes. If the equipment works in the mode (solar + off-peak), it is possible to mark in the App the maximum, simultaneous capacity of the equipments that we do not want to exceed. In this way, we are able to adjust to the maximum the contracted capacity during off-peak hours.

Do Ecombi SOLAR and Ecombi ARC require maintenance?

No. As the system is 100% electric, there is no combustion when using the heater. So, it is a fully secure system that does not require any maintenance apart from cleaning and dust removal, as with other white goods.

Does the system show me the temperature in each room?

Yes, each heater has a temperature gauge that informs the app of the room temperature where it is installed.

Does the equipment require a programming clock on the control panel to charge via power grid?

No. Each system is fitted with its own timer switch, so does not require external clocks to charge during off-peak tariff hours.

Will my solar energy production be enough to heat my home through Ecombi SOLAR and Ecombi ARC?

Each home and piece of equipment is different. Efficiency depends on a number of factors, such as the overall performance of your solar panels and the installation inverter, the number of rooms you want to heat, the capacity of the storage heaters you have installed, the set-point temperatures, the amount of insulation in your home, etc.

Remember that you can always finish charging your storage heaters using off-peak energy from the grid at the cheapest tariffs, if there have not been enough solar energy surpluses to complete the charge that day.


How does a static storage heater differ from a dynamic one?

A static storage heater releases the heat gradually and consistently, while a dynamic storage heater releases the heat quickly whenever is required through the built-in fan.

Static storage heaters are quieter than dynamic ones as they do not have a fan incorporated, which is why they are highly recommended for rooms.

Among our range of storage heaters, Ecombi PLUS is a static storage heater that is ideal for bedrooms or sitting rooms with a constant heat. On the other hand, the Ecombi ARC is a dynamic model perfect for sitting rooms and large bedrooms, where an extra heat is required to certain hours.

Is it possible to replace old storage heaters with Ecombi Plus and Ecombi ARC without altering the electrical installation in my home?

Yes, you may replace any old storage heater with a static Ecombi Plus or a dynamic Ecombi ARC storage heater without making any alterations to your electrical installation.

Is it possible to keep the current time switch?

Yes. If you wish to keep the time switch on the electrical panel in your home, you only need to modify the Ecombi operating mode parameters and it will work as a traditional static storage heater.

How does a static storage heater differ from a dynamic one?

We recommend to use our free heating calcultor, available in our website, to calculate the power required for your home.

Do I need a special cable for off-peak electricity storage?

No. Each Ecombi storage heater has a built-in digital time switch which means that the storage heater does not need to be supplied by a cable and time switch, like older storage heaters.

Do I need to change my electricity tariff?

As these heaters are designed to be economical, it is advisable to have a tariff that includes off-peak periods during the day.

Do Ecombi storage heaters consume less than traditional ones?

Yes. Ecombi storage heaters manage consumption intelligently, based on heating needs.
To that end, they monitor the room temperature 24 hours a day and fix the level of energy needed to maintain the selected temperature, thereby avoiding unnecessary consumption.

Is it complicated to set up Ecombi storage heater equipment?

No. Ecombi storage heaters are provided with factory settings so you can start to use them both simply and quickly.

If your off-peak tariff adjusts to the default settings in the equipment, simply select the desired operating mode: Manual or Programmed. The equipment will start to work automatically, adjusting the charge on a day by day basis and providing the desired comfort at minimum cost.

Do Ecombi SOLAR and Ecombi ARC require maintenance?

No. As the system is 100% electric, there is no combustion when using the heater. So, it is a fully secure system that does not require any maintenance apart from cleaning and dust removal, as with other white goods.

Can I adjust the contracted power to the operation of the different Ecombi devices?

Yes.  It is possible to rationalize the simultaneous capacity of the storage heater devices to alternate their operation and, therefore, prevent a high capacity contract.

What are the advantages of Wifi control of Ecombi PLUS, Ecombi SOLAR and Ecombi ARC?
  • Full remote control and management. You can manage your Ecombi equipment via any Smartphone, Tablet or device with an Internet connection (switch on/off, programming, temperature selection, equipment settings, etc.).
  • Records of energy consumption and temperatures. You can consult the app at any time to see data on your consumption and temperatures.
  • Cap usage in your home in order to avoid exceeding the contracted capacity during periods of high consumption; this is done through distributing capacity between heaters.
Can I convert my Ecombi PLUS storage heaters into solar by adding SOLAR BOX?
No, the SOLAR BOX accessory may only be used with the Ecombi SOLAR and Ecombi ARC solar storage heaters.
The G Contro Hub or MANAGER BOX accessory is required to manage Ecombi PLUS via wifi. However, you can also manage it through the Control Panel built-in to the storage heater.
Can I addapt my storage heater to my low peak electricity tariff?

The Gabarrón Storage Heaters are available to charge during different periods of time. 7, 8 or 14 hours are the most common ones depending on the country.

What is the equivalence of the 8 hour heating elements to the 14 hour ones?

It depends on the line of STORAGE HEATERS. Each range has its own conversion between heating elements for 8 hours of charge and heating elements for 14 hours.


How can I change 8 hour heating elements for 14 hour ones?

If you have 8 hour STORAGE HEATERS and want to convert them into 14 hour storage heaters, all you have to do is tell us the storage heater model, i.e. the unit reference, and we will supply you with the right heating elements.

We can also inform about an installer in your post code area so they can give you a no-obligation quote for changing the heating elements. If this is of interest get in touch with us on 91.628.14.40 or via email [email protected]

How do I calculate the power I need to heat a room with a storage heater?

To calculate the output of storage heater we have to take various factors into account, such as the area or location of the property and the type of insulation in the home.


OUTPUT CALCULATION = Coefficient x Surface in m² x height m

Room 12m2 and 2,30 metros metres high, in Soria for a home with medium insulation.
Installed capacity: 12 x 2,30 x 40 = 1104 W →  ADS Storage heater 1125W or ADL 1200W

NB: it is recommended that you install the storage heater or combination of storage heaters immediately above the calculation obtained.

The table below shows the ratios by province and by type of insulation of a home, to make the calculations for installing STORAGE HEATERS, excluding the Ecombi line, which has its own table.

The values in the table above correspond to the total capacity in W/m3 for installations with 14-hour charge STORAGE HEATERS. To obtain the rated output, you need to multiply the total capacity by the square metres of surface area of the home and by its height in metres. In bedrooms, kitchens and passages/hallways rated output can be reduced by 20%. If the home is situated on the top floor output should be increased by 20%.

This calculation is only a guide. . We recommend that you always follow the advice of a professional who can take into account “in situ” other factors such as total metres of exterior facade, if it is a top floor, position of installation etc…

How do I calculate the power I need to heat a home with an ECOMBI storage heater?

To calculate the power for Ecombi STORAGE HEATERS we need to take various factors into account such as the area or location of the property and the type of insulation in the home.

To obtain the rated output, you need to multiply the calculation coefficient (selected from the table by area and insulation) by the square metres of surface area of the home and by its height.


OUTPUT CALCULATION = Coefficient x Surface Area in m² x height m

Room 12m2 and 2,30 metres in height, in Segovia, for a home with medium insulation.
Installed capacity: 12 x 2,40 x 32 = 922 W → Ecombi ECO3 Storage heater 1050W

NB: It is recommended that you install the storage heater or combination of storage heaters immediately above the calculation obtained.

This calculation is only a guide. . We recommend that you always follow the advice of a professional who can take into account “in situ” other factors such as total metres of exterior facade, if it is a top floor, position of installation etc…

The table below shows the ratios by province and by type of insulation of a home, to make the calculations for installing of ECOMBI STORAGE HEATERS only.


The values in the table above correspond to the total capacity in W/m3 for systems with the ECOMBI System. To obtain the rated output you need to multiply the total capacity by the square metres of surface area of the home and by its height in metres.
In bedrooms, kitchens and passages/hallways rated output can be reduced by 20%. If the home is situated on the top floor output should be increased by 20%.
Once the result is obtained, the ECOMBI System will be installed with storage heater power immediately above the rated output obtained.

Are Elnur Gabarron Storage Heaters supplied with cable?

Our Storage heaters do not come with cable. They do not come with cable as the distance from a fused spurs varies too much to supply a set length. The qualified electrician would usually supply the cable needed to wire in your storage heater.

What is the Dual Sensor thermostat?

It is a double bulb thermostat that takes the interior temperature of the storage heater core on one hand and, on the other, the ambient temperature of the room. If the temperature overshoots within the charge period, the thermostat will be able to interrupt the charge for a specific time and continue charging later. This avoids overcharging which can cause too much heat in the room and saves on electricity consumption, including during the off-peak period.

Why doesn’t the storage heater hatch open?

Whenever the storage heater is charging at off-peak periods, the storage heater hatch will remain closed and it will not be possible to open it. Nor can it usually be opened in the period just afterwards, owing to the great heat it accumulates inside. The bimetallic strip that operates opening or closing of the hatch is activated by the heat and so, if it detects very intense heat in the hatch, it will close it automatically.

Does the insulation material on the storage heaters have asbestos in it?

Absolutely not. Since 2005, the European Union has prohibited the use of asbestos in any type of product. Our storage heaters are manufactured in Spain, and complies with the European quality and safety regulation, amongst others.

Can I control my storage heater remotely?

Our Ecombi Plus storage heater can be remotely controlled, thanks to its wireless technology. They integrate the G Control System for configuration and remote control of the radiator via internet, with wifi connection. The G Control Hub is required and it is offered as accessory.

The G Control system is compatible with voice control systems as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You can download our exclusive free App in your internet devices, such as tablet or mobile phone. The G Control Hub is required and it is offered as accessory.

Learn more here.

Marks on walls.

In the great majority of occasions where the upper area of the wall appears darker it is because of airborne dust that is burnt on starting up the unit causing this soiling next to the unit.

Does my storage heater produce any kind of smoke or residues?

Our storage heaters use a clean energy as the electricity, so they do not produce any kind of combustion that can result in smoke or any other residues. If stains or smells are detected, they usually result from the pollution, smoke or dust present in the air of the room circulating through the heater, but are not produced by it. We recommend to follow the maintenance and cleaning instructions.

I have broken the charging/discharging control/wheel on the storage heater. How can I get a new one?

You can contact us on 91.628.14.40 or via email [email protected] and we will tell you what steps to take to get the charge and/or discharge controls.

The storage heater doesn’t heat like it used to or it is noticeably warmer in some areas.

Most probably one of the unit’s heating elements has been damaged. This is a simple repair, which once fixed will allow the storage heater to function 100%. You need to contact one of our Authorised Service Providers to change the heating element. You can find the ASTS (After Sales Technical Service in Spain) list by province online at .You can also contact us direct on 91.628.14.40 and we will give you the phone number for your nearest ASTS in Spain, or send us an email to [email protected].

Do the storage heaters have supports or casters to move them between rooms?

No. The storage heaters are installed in a fixed position and must be correctly installed and fixed to the wall.

Can I change an old storage heater from one dwelling to another?

If the storage heater is old or at least more than 8/10 years old, we do not recommend that you uninstall it from one site to take it to another. After a few years of operation, some of the storage heater’s insulation, such as wool fibre or microtherm, can deteriorate if moved from their original location. This type of component can be acquired from “Spare Parts” via our Post-Sale Service Provider network or via our on-line store.

Why are my STORAGE HEATERS not working after I’ve got a new meter?

This mostly occurs with old storage heater systems, because along with the old meter you installed a clock that sent a signal via a pilot wire or red lead to the contactor in the electric control box in your home. This contactor is what allows energy to pass into the STORAGE HEATERS during the charging period (off-peak hours on the night tariff), letting a current pass during this period and afterwards to cut the passage of electricity to the units.

The problem appears with the installation of the new digital meter, because they leave the pilot wire disconnected by eliminating the clock installed next to the old meter, so the contactor does not receive any signal for when energy should pass to the STORAGE HEATERS.

You can find out more about this at

My ECOHHR Storage Heater is only lukewarm?

The ECOHHR range is a high heat retention storage heater, this means the storage heater has thicker insulation and the casing won’t feel as hot as your older standard storage heater did. Even though the casing is lukewarm the heater will still contain a lot of heat inside, ready for when you want to release. This type of heater is designed to maintain the set temperature throughout the day and is designed not to waste energy, this means every day the heater will measure how much heat is needed and will adjust itself as needed.

My ECOMBI storage heater is only lukewarm?

This would suggest your ECOMBI storage heater is reducing its own charge percentage to reduce running costs. This is a normal process for the smart heater, it will work out the most efficient way to run following your set program and temperature. If you are not comfortable with the current heat output then we would suggest increasing the set point temperature to allow a bigger charge.

What is the difference between manual and automatic storage heaters?

Storage Heaters Charge up during the set hours, usually over low peak electricity tariff hours at night. Manual Storage Heaters charge for the full set hours regardless of how much heat it used the previous day. Automatic Storage Heaters calulate how much heat was used the previous day and work out how long they need to charge for. For example, if an automatic storage heater only used 5 out of the 7 hours of stored heat, when it comes to the next charging time the storage heater will wait 2 hours then will charge till it is full. On average this facility can save you up to 15%.

How many bricks are in a storage heater?
Storage Heater TypeQuantity of Bricks
ADL 201212
ADL 301818
ADL 402424
ADX 84A4
ADX 168A8
ADX 2412A12
ADX 3216A16


What are SCOP and SEER?

The energy efficiency or performance of the climatization equipment is measured by SCOP and SEER ratios.

SCOP is the “Seasonal efficiency co-efficient” and determines the performance of the aerothermal system during heating, so we can calculate the consumption of a device in heat. On the other hand, SEER is the “Seasonal energy efficiency ratio” and tells us the performance of the aerothermal system during cooling.

The advantage of knowing these seasonal ratios is that they take into account parameters such as the operation of the equipment with partial charges (100%, 74%, 47% and 21%), in other words measurements made in the most regular conditions of use, and include consumption by the aerothermal system when it is on stand-by or switched off by the thermostat, always while taking into account different temperatures outdoors.

In this way, thanks to seasonal efficiency, we can know the efficiency of the climatization system during a whole cooling or heating season and its consumption.

How much noise does the heat pump aire to water system make?

Aerothermal systems comprise extremely quiet machines. The data sheets of the various machines identify differences in the amount of decibels emitted but the most of heat pumps aire to water on the market comply with the noise levels permitted.

Obviously, they are not completely silent, as the compressor and fan of the external unit inevitably make some noise during their normal operation (the sound is extremely similar to an air conditioning unit).

The external unit should be correctly located and there is no reason why it should be a nuisance either by day or night, as the vibrations are negligible. They can be prevented by putting silent-blocks in the external unit (a sort of anti-vibration spring).

Which model of heat pump air to water does my home need?

Many factors need to be considered to decide how much aerothermal energy is needed for each home: the size and type of home, the location, the height of the floor / ceiling, the amount of insulation, heating and air-conditioning systems due to work with the aerothermal system, underfloor heating, etc. If you have any doubts, please contact us and we will help you with the calculations.

Are the air source heat pumps a renewable energy?

Yes, heat pumps air to water system is a renewable energy that does not pollute. In this way, the environment is not subjected to excessive emissions and it helps us to reduce our carbon footprint. It is a renewable energy because it uses minimum energy to operate, as it can provide 3 or 4 times more energy than it consumes. What is more, it uses thermal energy present in the air outside to heat and climatize the home, through different heating systems such as water radiators, underfloor heating or fancoil units on the floor or ceiling.