G Control System Wireless Heating Control


Smart control and management of heating via wifi


✓ Control your heating easily from your mobile or tablet

it has never been easier to get comfort and full management of your heating, as well as to control your energy consumption and home temperature


The G Control System has been integrated into the heating equipment, for full access and control of the heating via wifi, from anywhere.


G Control Wifi System with electrical heating equipment

The ELNUR GABARRON G Control System offers you the connectivity and heating control you were looking for. Achieve maximum comfort in your home without excess consumption and save on heating if you are not going to arrive home at the usual time..

Connect a G Control Hub EU or G Control Hub USB and start managing your heating from anywhere instantly:

✓ Immediate control
✓ Manage your equipment via wifi
✓ Access all features
✓ Information on consumption and usage
✓ Adaptation to your comfort needs
✓ Save on consumption


Wifi controlled heaters such as Ingenium and Ingenium Care, static storage heaters such as Ecombi PLUS and solar self-consumption storage heaters such as Ecombi SOLAR and Ecombi ARC incorporate the necessary technology so that you can access your heating systems from anywhere with your mobile phone or tablet.

If, apart from the switchboard, you connect the PM power meter to the G Control system, you can access the home’s entire electrical consumption.

G control PM

In this way, it is possible to establish the power usage cap and, in the event of occasional high consumption of other household appliances, to establish equipment priorities in the heating system, disconnecting them temporarily so as not to exceed the power limit in your electric contract if any.

If you want to control your Mattira electric boiler, you can use the CTM20 WIFI chronothermostat with an Ethernet control unit or the CTM21 WIFI with USB control unit so that you can access your heating wherever you are or activate functions such as geolocation or voice control.

You can control your heating through amazon alexa and google assistant voice command

With the G Control System you can also control your heating equipment with the voice control assistants Alexa from Amazon or Google Home Assistant.

Download the Skills Heating Control or Smart Skills app, depending on which platform you use and you will be able to use the different commands to control the heating by voice command, such as turning on or off one or more devices, raising or lowering the set temperature of a specific room or even changing the operating mode.


“Alexa, make the room 21 degrees”

“Turn on the heating in the master bedroom”

“Activate Eco mode”


Discover G Control System power at your fingertips

Management and control from your mobile

Download the free Elnur Gabarron Wifi Control app and access and control your heating system from your mobile, tablet or PC.

Registration of additional equipment or control of second homes

Quick and easy registration of new heaters or storage heaters in different homes, up to a maximum of 31 units per control unit.

Use of App with easy and intuitive control

Switching on, switching off, changing the programming, changing the set temperatures or the operating mode of the equipment are all done by the G-Control System.

Programming that is always at your fingertips

A daily and weekly schedule can be set to allow you to choose set temperatures at the selected times all week.

GPS location function

Detects your presence in the home via the mobile devices registered in the app.
Allows the user to change the set temperature or to switch the heating on or off as detected.

Compatibility with voice systems

The G Control System is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa voice systems, accessed by downloading the Skill Heating Control, and with Google Assistant.

Electricity meter

It detects if the equipment is about to go over the power cap for the entire home and controls consumption to prevent it from happening, determining which equipment to temporarily disconnect taking into account your priorities.

Usage statistics

Access information on the total energy usage of the home and of each heating system. Compare and obtain comparisons between the same periods for the different heating equipment.

Managing user access

Another useful functionality is the possibility of authorising different users to control the heating in your home, by providing or withdrawing temporary access for the control of your heating appliances.

Efficient management of surplus energy in photovoltaic installations

In solar storage heaters with Solar Manager technology, the system is capable of detecting and distributing surplus energy among the different units according to your comfort priorities.

A system developed to improve the user experience and increase the comfort of your home.


To access and control the heating equipment, we have created the Elnur Gabarron Wifi Control App. It is a straightforward and intuitive App which offers quick access to all the information and programming of the equipment.

Elnur Gabarron Wifi Control App is free and simple to download with versions available in IOS, Android and Webapp formats. From any mobile device, tablet or PC, users can access their heating equipment and make all the checks and changes needed.



G Control System

Heating control and management from anywhere and immediately