Heat pumps air to water: fan coils, radiators or underfloor heating?

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Heat pumps air to water: fan coils, radiators or underfloor heating?

Which system to use for heat pumps air to water: fan coils, radiators or underfloor heating?

Since the introduction of new European legislation covering energy efficiency, aerothermal heating system has become one of the most in-demand heating systems, due to it being renewable – it uses outdoor air – and for its energy efficiency, reducing consumption dramatically.

The use of sustainable energy sources such as aerothermal heating system presents a series of additional advantages compared to conventional heating systems:

  • Heating, cooling and domestic hot water are all supported by the same system.
  • No combustibles need to be stored in your house.
  • It can be easily installed.
  • It does not emit gas nor does it generate residual fumes.
  • Maintenance costs are incredibly low.
  • They can be connected to thermostats to maintain an optimal comfortable temperature in the home.

Bear in mind that aerothermal energy can work with either underfloor heating, radiators or fan coils and different heating equipment is appropriate for different homes. It is advisable and necessary to evaluate which will be the best solution.

Heat pump aire to water and underfloor heating


In principle, the heat pumps air to water can heat water up to 65ºC, depending on model, and one of the systems where it is most effective is with underfloor heating due to this system has a work low temperature operation, between 40-45ºC. Underfloor heating brings with it real comfort and the perfect temperature, though the installation can be a little more expensive that the radiators or fan coils.

Heat pump air to water and radiators


As a general rule, heat pumps air to water is also associated with low-temperature radiators, equipment similar to conventional radiators but providing better performance using lower water temperatures.

While these temperatures have a larger size and are not able to cool your home, they are a cheaper alternative to underfloor heating avoiding to do works in home.

In any case, there are new aerothermal heat pumps that are able to reach a higher water temperature and that work with conventional radiators achieving better effeciency.

Heat pump air to water and fan coils


A fan coil consists of a fan, a heat exchange and a filter that, when using aerothermal energy systems, can heat or cool the home.
Fan coils often use water-based conditioning systems and are also compact, taking up minimal space in the home. They are an alternative to take into account for both residential and business premises.



Composición dos thermira fancoilFan coil units perfectly complement Thermira heat pump air to water, if underfloor heating has not already been installed. Their design and technology allow them to cool in summer and heat in winter.

Fan coils offer various benefits:

  • Thermira fan coil units can be installed either on the floor or on the ceiling.
  • They are compact and modern.
  • They have been specially designed to produce a minimal amount of noise, meaning they can be installed in bedrooms.
  • They come with a washable filter to facilitate correct maintenance and domestic hygiene.
  • The fan coils can be controlled using a wireless remote.

Furthermore, this equipment offers five conditioning modes (Auto, Cool, Dry, Fan and Heat) and a three-speed fan which can be adjusted to the comfort needs of each user.

It also gives you control over the director of air flow and can be programmed when on or off, with a ‘turbo function’ for a speedy conditioning and a ‘sleep function’ to increase comfort at night.

Thermira heat pump aire to water combined with fan coils, radiators or underfloor heating offers excellent performance, even with outdoor temperatures of -20C, and the perfect alternative to other less efficient traditional heating systems.