How do Ecombi storage heaters use solar panels to produce heat?

How do Ecombi storage heaters use solar panels to produce heat?

Solar storage heaters are heating systems that use up excess energy from solar panels and turn them into electric heating.

Our solar storage heaters are made up of ceramic blocks of magnetite. The blocks accumulate heat and maintain a stable internal temperature thanks to the insulation built into them. Thereafter, the stored heat is released slowly or it is released through a low-noise fan, depending on whether you are using an static or fan assisted storage heater, respectively.

The Ecombi SOLAR and Ecombi ARC storage heaters can either generate heat all day or solely during the desired hours of the user, using solar energy and/or grid electricity at off-peak times, the time when grid electricity is cheapest. It always depends on what the user wants and what best fits their needs.

The integrated Solar Manager technology detects the surplus, makes an intelligent distribution of energy, adapts the output of the storage heaters and operates according to the comfort needs.

The installation of the system is simple and compatible with any photovoltaic installation that includes feeding into the grid.

Installing the storage heaters is easy with the Solar Box accessory. The Solar Box includes two power meters and a wireless G Control Hub USB. Furthermore, the Ecombi SOLAR and Ecombi ARC storage heaters can be easily fixed to the wall, with no need building work for installation or maintenance.

These storage heaters can be programed to load and accumulate heat using only solar energy, providing you clean heating and zero CO2 emissions in its operation.

ELNUR GABARRON’s solar storage heating is a sustainable solution that can also helps you save. Find out more about our solar-powered heaters and the new generation of Solar Storage Heating.