How do the storage heaters use excess solar energy to produce heat?

How do the storage heaters use excess solar energy to produce heat?

Solar storage heaters use 100% of excess energy produced by solar panels. These heating systems will use this energy generated by solar panels and convert it into heat. The heat is then released slowly throughout the day or in specified hours, according to the model of storage heater.

Ecombi SOLAR and Ecombi ARC use our patented Solar Manager technology. The Solar Manager finds disposable excess energy in real time, converting it into electric heating for the home. It is a means of using solar energy without using expensive batteries.

However, energy generation is always fluctuating. Most of the time, solar energy generation takes place during the middle of the day, just when domestic energy demand is at its lowest.

Discover how you can use up surplus solar energy with solar-powered storage heaters.

We show you how this heating can adapt, both with regard to levels of available solar power and the different scenarios in which the heating can be generated in different weather patterns.

  • On a sunny day, with maximum energy generation from solar panels, production goes to domestic consumption in the first instance. Excess energy will be used to charge storage heaters.
  • If solar energy generation goes down, the system will continue to prioritise energy usage in domestic consumption. Afterwards, surplus energy will be distributed between the different storage heaters. These heaters take into account the heating priorities established by the user. At the same time, they adapt their charging capacity according to surplus energy available at each time.
  • On days when solar generation is insufficient, it will be used solely for domestic consumption. In this situation, solar storage heaters can complete their charge through the national grid, if the user wants to do so, charging up during off-peak hours, the cheapest window for electricity tariffs.

ELNUR GABARRON’s storage heaters are a sustainable solution that uses renewable solar energy. Furthermore, they can help you cut down on your energy bills, making the most out of your solar panels. Find out more about our solar-powered heaters and the new generation of solar storage heating.