How does ultraviolet light work and disinfect the air?

lámpara de luz ultravioleta

How does ultraviolet light work and disinfect the air?

The cleanliness and disinfection of the home is increasingly important. In spells of hot weather and high temperatures, sometimes it is complicated. A good option for sanitizing and purifying the ambient air is to use ultraviolet light. But do you know exactly how ultraviolet light lamps work?

What is ultraviolet light?

Let us start by defining it. Ultraviolet light is a type of electromagnetic wave found within the electromagnetic spectrum, between the light visible to the human eye and X-rays.

Also known as UV, this type of light is divided into 3 types, depending on the intensity:

  • UVA, the least intense ultraviolet light but the longest. Its length ranges from 400 to 315 nanometres.
  • UVB, which has a mid-intensity and whose length ranges from 315 to 280 nanometres.
  • UVC, the most intense, with the shortest wave and an approximate length of between 280 and 100 nanometres.

The last one – UVC ultraviolet light – is responsible for disinfecting and sterilizing the environment free of pathogenic microorganisms.

Ultraviolet light spectrum, UVA, UVB, UVC, ultraviolet lamp

What are the qualities of ultraviolet light?

Bacteria, viruses and microbes exposed to ultraviolet light (UVC) become inactive when they come into contact with ultraviolet rays, which directly attack their ADN and prevent reproduction.

For some years, this type of ultraviolet lamp light has been a safe option to disinfect water, clean contaminated air and sterilize different surface areas, such as conveyor belts, packing machines and sorters in the industrial sector.

Although ultraviolet light poses some risks for the eyes and skin, this type of UVC lamp is used directly in environments where there is neither a human nor animal presence, i.e. In equipment where the UVC lamps are built-in and concealed, so health and safety is maintained but the disinfection function is still performed.

New range of portable air-conditioning with ultraviolet lamp

Owing to the ultraviolet light lamp built-in to the interior of the new portable air-conditioning equipment, the air expelled by such devices is completely clean and disinfected, so the quality is improved of the air in the air-conditioned room. What is more, this technology is designed to operate at the press of a button.

We at ELNUR GABARRON have put our faith in this ultraviolet technology by introducing new portable air-conditioning equipment to keep clean the air in the different rooms of the house. The portable BERING Ultraviolet air conditioner incorporates an ultraviolet light lamp that cleans and disinfects the air of pathogens before expelling it. This new portable air conditioning system contains different functions to air-condition the environment:


Refrigeration or air conditioning, which lowers the room temperature by using the R290 refrigerant, an ecological refrigerant with minimal impact on the environment.

Dehumidifier, which reduces and controls the environment humidity, especially during the summer season.

Ventilator, which renews the air in enclosed spaces, generating a flow of fresh air to cool the room.




If you live in a humid area and have to tolerate strong heat in enclosed rooms, the BERING Ultraviolet air-conditioner is your best option.

Another addition to the range is the portable BRISS Ultraviolet evaporative air-cooler, It also includes an ultraviolet light lamp to clean and disinfect the air of bacteria and viruses before emitting it to the room where it is located. This new evaporative air-cooler features different modes of use:


Air-cooler, which captures the air from the exterior and uses water to humidify the room.

Ionizer, which generates negative ions via an electrical charge to improve the air quality.

Humidifier, which increases humidity in dry rooms.

Natural wind, which favours the movement of air through the room and brings greater comfort to the home.



The new BRISS Ultraviolet evaporative air-cooler is recommended for large rooms and dry environnments.

If you would like to find out more about the new portable air-conditioning products from ELNUR GABARRON, go onto our Website and discover all their advantages.