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✓ Optimised precision and usage
✓ Wifi control and management
✓ Programming each day and week

Fast and instantaneous heating with thermal heaters and immediate comfort controlled from your mobile phone.


Streamline your energy consumption with ELNUR GABARRON electric radiators and enjoy optimal comfort in your home.



Oil Filled Inertia Electric Programmable Wifi Radiator

Electrical heating

Natural heat convection

✓ Designed to be easily installed in all types of rooms

✓ Wifi Control via the app

✓ High precision functions to guarantee low energy usage

✓ 10 year watertight guarantee

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Ingenium Care

Low Surface Temperature Electric Wifi Radiator

Electrical heating

Natural heat convection with maximum protection

✓ Low surface temperature to protect children and the elderly

✓ Wifi Control via the app

✓ High precision to guarantee low energy usage

✓ 10 year watertight guarantee

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Oil Filled Inertia Electric Radiator

Electrical heating

Natural heat convection

✓ Designed to be easily installed in all types of rooms

✓ Easy and simple to manage

✓ High precision to guarantee low energy usage

✓ 10 year watertight guarantee

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Oil Free Inertia Electric Radiator

Electrical heating

Natural heat convection

✓ Rapid heating

✓ High precision to guarantee low energy usage

✓ Easy and simple to manage

✓ Energy saving functions

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Oil Filled Inertia Low Profile Electric Radiator

Electrical heating

Natural heat convection

✓ Designed to installed beneath windows with low wall heights

✓ Easy and simple to manage

✓ Energy saving functions

✓ 10 year watertight guarantee

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The range of thermal inertia radiators ELNUR GABARRON is the perfect solution as an individual electric heating system for heating for a few hours a day.

✓ Comfort during the required times

✓ Saves on your heating bills

✓ Innovation and control

✓ High quality materials


Our heaters provide maximum optimisation of energy consumption, ensuring that you have no unnecessary energy costs.

The real core of these devices, however, is their Electronic Triac Control Optimiser (ETCO). This manages and restricts the flow of electricity to guarantee low consumption.

In the range you will find two different types of technologies for the transmission of heat:

  • ECOFLUID Technology is based on the transmission of heat throughout the surface area of the device, using a high quality thermal fluid which is not harmful to the environment.
  • ECOSECO Technology transmits heat through a primary heating element which occupies the majority of the radiator’s front surface without any kind of thermal fluid.


Discover the reasons for fitting inertia radiators electric in your home


Wifi connection to the app

Ingenium electric radiators use the G Control System, giving you control over your heating through wifi.


Major energy savings

The heaters only operate during the hours required by the user to heat the room, resulting in significant energy savings.


ETCO, Electronic Triac Control Optimizer

They use a microprocessor that manages and restricts the flow of electricity to the heaters based on information provided by the high-precision thermostat.


Adaptable turn-on for greater comfort

They include the Adaptive Start function, which programmes the start of the radiator’s heating cycle, to anticipate the desired temperature at the required time.


High precision heating and comfort

They are equipped with a high-precision thermostat that allows long-term and accurate temperature measurements for optimum performance.


Programming each day and week

Our electric radiators are totally programmable. It is possible to establish a customized program, by hours and days, while fixing different temperatures in each.


Different temperature levels

The emitters include 3 temperature levels: Comfort at 19ºC, Economic at 17ºC and Anti-freeze at 5ºC, which can be modified according to the user’s needs.


Open windows function

This function switches the heater off for 30 minutes if there is a sudden drop in temperature in order to ventilate the room and avoid unnecessary energy consumption.


Exclusive patented wall fixing brackets

Thanks to our patented, security supports, installation is quick and simple.



The electric heaters with wifi connectivity use geolocation to detect the proximity of the user through the app.


Compatible with voice systems

Ingenium and Ingenium Care can be voice-activated using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant through the App.


Management of different users

Through the app, temporary access can be granted to or removed from different users in order to control and manage heating equipment.


Connectivity and heating control with G Control technology

Our last generation of thermal inertia radiators use the G Control System technology for maximum control and savings through wifi

Full control through the Internet using Elnur Gabarron Wifi Control App
Past records data for consumption and temperature
Distribution of power according to the comfort priorities of each room
Registration of more than one home, grouping the heaters by room

Full management via wifi


The Ingenium and Ingenium Care electric radiators can be fully managed from the control panel, or via the free Elnur Gabarron Wifi Control app, by connecting a G Control Hub unit which is offered as an accessory. The central unit allows up to 31 heating units to be connected, providing access to and management of all electric radiators in the property.

Compatible with different voice activation systems, such as Google Assistant and Amazon AlexaIt is possible to authorize different users to control the heating
Geolocation available through the mobile deviceQuick access to equipment usage

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate the installed capacity required?

We can help you calculating the heating capacity you need for your installation. Please contact us on [email protected]

What are the differences between the Ecofluid and the EcoSeco Technology?

The main difference between a fluid radiator and a dry one lies in its interior.

Ecofluid emitters contain a special premium oil with high thermal conductivity, which is heated up through a heating element and then transmit the heat to the surface of the emitter and the room. Dry emitters heat the air in contact with a heating element in the form of a panel.

Oil filled radiator take more time to reach the set temperature compared with the dry emitter, which is quicker and more immediate.

Once the radiator is switched off, the Ecofluid radiators will keep on transmitting heat longer through the temperature of the inner liquid, whilst in dry emitters, once switched off the emitter will cool more rapidly.

The liquid is completely safe and non-flammable. We guarantee the water-tightness of ELNUR GABARRON radiators for 10 years.

Both types of radiators have the same consumption for the same output.

Is Ecofluid more efficient than Ecoseco technology?

Both types of radiators have the same 100% efficiency with the same output and the same electricity consumption.

Is Ecoseco technology safer than Ecofluid?

They are both equally safe, as both types of radiator are built to the same safety standards and with the same electric heating appliance protection.

Does one have a longer service life than the other?

No, the radiators of both technologies have a similar service life.

Is there one piece of equipment that is more durable than the other?

No, fluid-based heaters last as long as dry heaters.

Can wall-mounted heaters be fitted with wheels?

All our radiators are sold with patented brackets for quick and easy fixing to the wall.

For those who wish to put their ELNUR GABARRON heaters on wheels, they should take the following into account:

  • Wheels are not included.
  • Casters are sold as a separate accessory.
  • Casters are also an option (except for the RXE range).
Do you sell 2000W radiators and what is their availability?

We do have 2000W radiators in stock but since this output is less common, we always recommend that you ask about their availability to avoid delays in delivery.

Is there a fire risk with Ecofluid radiators, i.e: is the fluid flammable?

Zero risk. Thermal fluid is not flammable. It is a liquid with a high conductivity that encourages heat transmission.

In addition, units are built to safety and electromagnetic compatibility standards, meaning they can be turned on with total safety in any type of home including when the user is not at home, without any risk.

I have broken the control/wheel on the radiator (temperature selector). How can I get a new one?

Radiators with rotary or wheel controls/ temperature level selectors have an interior buffer or flange that may eventually separate owing to use or to excessive force.

If this occurs, you can contact us by email [email protected] and we will tell you what steps to take to get one or more controls.

Do radiators include plugs?

Yes. All our radiators come with a plug.

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