Oil free inertia radiator DILIGENS programmable digital control



Control heating from anywhere, at any time

Gabarrón by Elnur introduces the range of DILIGENS electric radiators with the G Control system, for total access to and control of your electric radiators, from anywhere and at any time, with an Internet connection.
It has never been so easy to manage your heating for maximum comfort by controlling the temperature in your home and your electricity consumption at any time.

Maximum control and heating savings with the G Control system

The G Control technology is incorporated in the electronics of the Diligens electric radiators. This technology, together with the G Control hub and the power meter make up the G Control system, enabling you to have maximum control over your heating and optimise savings.
Thanks to the connection between the hub and your Diligens radiator, you will be able to have immediate access to all the functionalities of your appliances and make changes to them remotely.
In addition, the system will allow you access to information about the consumption history of each of the Diligens electric radiators.
From the G Control hub, the energy meter can be connected to the system, enabling you to have access to the consumption history of your electric radiators and the total electricity consumption in the house.

In this way, you will be able to determine the amount of power available in the system, and if consumption of other home electrical appliances is high, establish functional priorities in your Diligens electric radiators.
With Diligens, you will be able to access and control your heating from any mobile device, tablet or PC. The app can be downloaded completely free of charge with versions available for IOS, Android and webapp for desktop application.
The app only works with Diligens electric radiators and its switchboard G Control Hub and you can enjoy of many functions to give you the posibility to input and manage until 31 electric radiators by switchboard, and without limit of switchboard assigned the same app Elnur G Control.

Nothing but advantages with the Diligens electric radiators and their G Control system

Use of the app and easy and intuitive control of the transmitter

For access to and control of the Diligens electric radiators, we have created the Gabarrón app, a simple and intuitive app that offers you fast access to all the information and to the programming of appliances. From any mobile device, tablet or PC you will be able to access your Diligens electric radiators and make all the checks and changes that you need to make.

Switch on, alter or switch off the heating from anywhere

Thanks to the communication between the G Control hub switchboard and the G Control system integrated in the Diligens electric radiators, you will be able to access your electric radiators from anywhere with an Internet connection and manage their operation in real time.

Switching on, switching off or altering the programming or changing the temperature setpoints or the operating mode of the electric radiators are just some of the many benefits that Diligens offers you.

Registration of new Diligens electric radiators or control of second homes

If you acquire more electric radiators for other rooms, you will always be able to register new Diligens electric radiators in your home quickly and easily.
In addition, the application allows you to register more than one property, connecting your own electric radiators to rooms in each of the properties, with their own programming and temperature setpoints.

Rationalising electricity consumption to make guaranteed savings

By rationalising power you will be able to fix in the system how much power is available for the property. When the system detects consumption very close to or in excess of the power available, it will determine which transmitter or electric radiators to automatically switch off according to the priority established in each of them. With equal priority electric radiators, the system will take into account the temperature differential compared to the setpoint in order to determine which rooms need more or less heat.
Rationalising offers users the opportunity to save on energy consumption, as it closely monitors the power consumed by each electrical appliance, as well as the total consumption of the property, enabling us to adjust the power factor downwards if necessary.

Reading the electricity consumption throughout the house

You will be able to access the consumption information for the whole house in real time, including all the electrical appliances that are in stand-by. Having the possibility to take decisions in real time about the consumption and operation of your heating appliances can help you to save on energy consumption every day, which is reflected in a significant saving at the end of the winter.

Access to electricity consumption history

The consumption history will be another important functionality to take into account, as it will provide us with information about the daily, weekly and annual consumption of each Diligens transmitter.
We can contrast this information and offer comparisons between the same periods, for both the property and each of the electric radiators installed.

Comfort and programming always at your fingertips

You will be able to alter, switch on or switch off each Diligens transmitter independently. It has a daily and weekly setting that will allow you to determine the exact temperature setpoint 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
It also incorporates three operating modes and the three standard temperature levels of comfort, economy and anti-frost, to which you will be able to assign your own comfort, economy and anti-frost temperatures from the parameters of the transmitter either locally or via the Internet.

Open window detection function

With the open window detection function, the G Control system is capable of immediately switching off the heating in the room when it detects a sharp fall in the temperature of the room, in order to avoid unnecessary energy waste. This function will switch off the transmitter for 30 minutes, after which the transmitter is switched back on in the corresponding mode and temperature level.