Oil filled inertia radiator RXF digital control



  • RXF range design provides the latest emission heating technology. Manufactured with a steel structure, the front side is made of extruded corrugated aluminium that increase the heat cession to the room in more than a 50%. Also the upper aluminium side has been designed to re-direct the convection effect. The result is a technically superb product that provides the best efficiency in direct electric heating.
  • RXF allows numerous and easy functions for you to use different performance modes. It permits an accurate temperature control of the room where they are installed because control is essential to minimize the consumption and electricity expenses.
  • RXF thermal radiators provides you with the latest technology in control consumption, its ELECTRONIC TRIAC CONTROL OPTIMIZER manages and restricts the flow of electricity.

Technical Features:

  • Digital temperature selector for displaying real temperature, set up temperature, clock and other messages.
  • Built in electronic ambient thermostat +/- 0.1ºC.
  • Electronic TRIAC control optimizer.
  • Digital adjustable thermometer.
  • Three-level temperature selector: Comfort, Economy and Frost-protection.
  • Flat keyboard for easy cleaning and lockable.
  • Ratings from 500W to 1500W.
  • Thermal safety cut out.
  • Steel body with extruded aluminium front and upper pannel finished in epoxy powder coating RAL 9010.
  • Patented wall fixing brackets to easy the installation.
  • Fitted with mains cable.
  • Compatible with standard power manager RG90 offered as accessory.