Oil filled inertia radiator RXP analogue control



  • In this sense, RXP line includes and ON-OFF switch and a build in ambient thermostat to control manually the temperature desired in every moment.
  • Manufactured with a steel structure, the front side is made of extruded corrugated aluminium that increase the heat cession to the room in more than a 50%. Also the upper aluminium side has been designed to re-direct the convection effect. The result is a technically superb product that provides the best efficiency in direct electric heating.
  • RXP range also provides you with the latest technology in control consumption, its ELECTRONIC TRIAC CONTROL OPTIMIZER manages and restricts the flow of electricity.

Technical Features:

  • Analog temperature selector and working mode.
  • Built in electronic ambient thermostat +/- 0.1ºC.
  • Electronic TRIAC control optimizer.
  • Three-level mode temperature selector: Comfort, Economy and Frost-protection.
  • Ratings from 500W to 1500W.
  • Thermal safety cut out.
  • Steel body with extruded aluminium front and upper pannel finished in epoxy powder coating RAL 9010.
  • Patented wall fixing brackets to easy the installation.