Self-consumption heating with electric and solar energy storage heaters

Calefacción solar para autoconsumo

Self-consumption heating with electric and solar energy storage heaters

Storage heater systems allow us to benefit from the most advantageous electricity tariffs, saving energy and enjoying heat throughout the day.

However, thanks to the new legislative framework implemented last year, with the approval of the self-consumption law and the repeal of the “Sun tax”, new possibilities are opening up.

Why is an electric storage heater important?

With a photovoltaic self-consumption installation, the consumer produces their own electricity, enjoying clean energy.  They can also deliver the energy consumed to the grid.  Now, the consumer can utilise all this energy and use solar panels for electric heating.

This surplus electricity can be used in the new storage heater systems, combining the benefits of both systems and delivering free heat.

To achieve optimal operation, you need an intelligent system that manages the electrical energy surplus produced in photovoltaic self-consumption systems and distributes it to the various storage heaters in the household. You also have peace of mind that if the energy surplus produced by the photovoltaic panels isn’t sufficient to charge the storage heaters, their charge will be completed during the most economic off-peak hours.

Electric storage heater

Acumulador de Calor Ecombi SOLAR

Based on the above, ELNUR GABARRON has created the first storage heater for self-consumption. Ecombi SOLAR utilises the surplus photovoltaic production of the household, converting the solar energy into stored heat and delivering it gradually to the room, providing the household with free heating.

Thanks to the Solar Manager technology developed by ELNUR GABARRON, the photovoltaic energy surplus is distributed by all the storage heaters, adapting the output of each appliance to the energy available.  The technology also accounts for the priorities established by the user for each storage heater and the setpoint temperature ensuring the efficient distribution of the surplus.

With the Ecombi Solar heating system with wifi control, you can view the distribution of the surplus for heating on a daily, monthly or annual basis.  You can also establish the comfort priorities in each room, select the operating mode best suited to the desired comfort and define the setpoint temperature on each of the appliances.

To achieve the maximum benefits of this technology, Ecombi SOLAR has three operating modes.

  1. Supporting another heating system: In this mode, the operation of the storage heater utilises the photovoltaic installation surplus, providing heating on the basis of this surplus.  This mode is ideal for supporting another heating system.

  2. Single heating system: This is a combined operating mode, in which the storage heater utilises all the solar energy surplus and completes the charge, if necessary, with energy generated during off-peak hours, delivering constant comfort as a single heating system.

  3. Single heating system with charge regulation: In this operating mode, the storage heater also carries out daily charge self-regulation.  It will first use the photovoltaic production surplus and then evaluate the comfort needs.  It will automatically regulate the charge percentage, completing the charge during off-peak hours.  This regulation is always automatic, based on the heating needs established.

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