Hot water and solar heating




✓ Clean and sustainable heating
✓ Free hot water
✓ Save on consumption


Discover the next generation of wi-fi controlled electric water heaters and solar heating, designed to take advantage of surplus energy from solar panels in your grid-connected photovoltaic installation.


Discover the next generation of wi-fi controlled electric water heaters and solar heating, designed to take advantage of surplus energy from solar panels in your grid-connected photovoltaic installation.


Calefacción para autoconsumo acumulador de calor Ecombi SOLAR ECO20

Ecombi SOLAR

Static Solar Storage Heater

Self-consumption Heating

Consistent heating

throughout the day

✓ Provides heat gradually and naturally

✓ Makes the most of excess solar energy

✓ Wifi control through the App

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Ecombi ARC, acumulador de calor para instalaciones fotovoltaicas

Ecombi ARC

Dynamic Solar Storage Heater

Self-consumption Heating

Extra heat release

available at certain times

✓ Supplies heat quickly through a fan

✓ Makes the most of surplus solar energy

✓ Wifi control through the App

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Solar Wifi Electric Water Heater

Solar DHW

Domestic hot water

✓ Provides domestic hot water to your home all year round

✓ Adapts its consumption for an efficient use of surplus solar energy

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If you’re unsure which is the best storage heater for your home or which solar electric storage water heater best suits your hot water needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to us – our team will be happy to assist you.


How to take advantage of surplus energy in your self-consumption system to produce hot water and solar heating

The solar storage heaters and the solar electric water heater by ELNUR GABARRON make use of the surplus photovoltaic production by converting solar energy into stored heat and domestic hot water for the home.

✓ Convert surplus available energy into heating and hot water

✓ Save on consumption

✓ Integral management via wifi

✓ Get the most out of your solar panel installation

How a solar storage heater converts surplus energy into heating and provides around the clock comfort

Solar storage heaters can operate as a back-up system to the main heating, consuming only the surpluses from the photovoltaic installation fed into the grid. These surpluses will be converted into stored heat and then later allocated to the room according to the set comfort needs.

We offer two models of storage heater depending on how they give out heat to the room. A static storage heater will give you 24 hours of constant comfort, whilst a dynamic storage heater will give you comfort on-demand.

If the surplus production is insufficient to provide the heating desired, solar storage heaters can function as a conventional storage heater by completing the charge during off-peak hours.


New Solar Electric Water Heater

You can now also enjoy free hot water using surplus solar energy

The TSG solar electric water heater is the only solar heater designed to take advantage of surplus energy in grid-connected installations to provide hot water in the home.

This wifi controlled solar electric water heater adapts its consumption in real time according to current available energy:

✓ Dual operation: solar-only or combined with mains power.

✓ Wi-Fi control via the Elnur Gabarron Wifi Control app.

✓ Quick and easy to install. Works in alternating current.

✓ Big savings in consumption for DHW production.



Reasons to install hot water and solar heating in your home

Savings in energy consumption

Reduce your current energy consumption by using equipment that makes use of the energy generated by your solar panels before discharging it to the grid.

Efficient management of solar energy production

The storage heaters and the solar electric water heater transform all the available surplus energy from your photovoltaic installation into heating and DHW, respectively.

Management via the App

These units feature our G Control System for full management via the Elnur Gabarron Wifi Control app.

They adapt their electricity consumption

These units are designed for homes with an existing photovoltaic installation, and adapt their electricity consumption in real time according to the surplus available for the use of solar energy.


Patented Technology

Exclusive patented Solar Manager technology to detect energy surpluses and distribution among different solar heating and DHW devices.

Possibility to connect to the electricity network.

If required, the storage heaters and solar water heater can connect to the grid during the most cost-effective period according to your contracted electricity rate.


Daily and weekly programming

With the Elnur Gabarron Wifi Control App, you can control consumption, operating modes and program the charge times and comfort.



Proximity detection through the geolocation function included in the App for the solar storage heaters.


Compatible with voice systems

Ecombi SOLAR and Ecombi ARC are compatible, via the App, with the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice systems.


Different users management

It is possible to allocate or remove time slots to different users for the control of the heating and DHW equipment. It is an ideal solution for the control of equipment in all types of accommodation.

If you already have a main heating system and want to reduce your consumption by taking advantage of surplus energy, contact us about our storage heaters or solar electric water heaters.


Solar Manager Technology

The next generation of solar equipment for electric heating and hot water incorporates Solar Manager technology, the latest innovation developed and patented by ELNUR GABARRON.



Solar Manager

Detects the surplus from photovoltaic self-consumption installations.
Intelligent distribution of energy to the installed devices.
Adapts the power of the devices according to the surplus energy available
Works on the basis of pre-established device priorities

Integral management via wifi

The comprehensive management of heating and hot water, the distribution and use of production of solar energy, and the control of the Ecombi SOLAREcombi ARC storage heaters and the TSG water heater is possible via the G Control System and the free Elnur Gabarron Wifi Control app.

Visualise the distribution of surplus energy on a daily, monthly or annual basisSet hot water and comfort priorities for each room
Selects the operating mode best suited to the comfort desiredDefine comfort temperatures in heating equipment or grid connection times where necessary

To make the solar storage heaters and the solar electric water heater work with surpluses, it is necessary to install the Solar Box accessory*. This accessory includes a control unit and two power meters, one to measure photovoltaic generation and the other to measure domestic consumption, which are installed in the electrical panel of the home.

*Solar Box Accessory: required accessory for the operation of the equipment in photovoltaic installation fed into the grid.


Solar storage heaters and solar electric water heaters contribute to responsible consumption by making efficient use of the energy produced by existing domestic photovoltaic installations

With the incorporation of the new wifi solar electric water heater together with the solar storage heaters, we’re expanding our category of equipment for solar energy use. We are thus strengthening our commitment to innovation and to the development of products that optimise the use of renewable energies such as PV solar, promoting energy savings and helping reduce CO2 emissions.

At Elnur Gabarron we comply with several of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, in addition to maintaining our continuous improvement system and our historical commitment to quality and environmental management systems (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Standards).


✓ Industry, innovation and infrastructure

✓ Sustainable cities and communities

✓ Responsible consumption and production

✓ Climate action


Frequently asked questions about DHW and heating in installations with solar panels

Can the Ecombi SOLAR and Ecombi ARC solar storage heaters and the TSG solar electric water heater work with only the photovoltaic energy surplus from solar panels?

Yes, all Elnur Gabarron equipment with Solar Manager technology can operate exclusively with surplus energy in grid-connected photovoltaic installations. The Ecombi SOLAR and Ecombi ARC storage heaters can be programmed to charge and store heat with only the surplus produced by your solar panels. The TSG Heater can also be programmed to heat water exclusively with surplus energy.

What is the maximum distance at which the wifi control unit recognises the TSG Water Heater and the solar storage heaters?

The closest equipment to the switchboard has to be a maximum of less than 30 metres away, assuming an average of 2 or 3 walls.

Both solar storage heaters and solar water heaters build a radio frequency communication network via wifi. Between them they function as signal repeaters that seamlessly transmit the orders from the control unit app to the furthest heating device or solar heater in your home.

Is it necessary to connect the solar storage heaters and the solar electric water heater to the app?

Yes. To take advantage of the surplus energy with this equipment intelligently and automatically, you’ll need to link the Ecombi SOLAR and Ecombi ARC storage heaters and the TSG water heater to our Elnur Gabarron Wifi Control app. It is free to download and use, and is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Is it necessary to have a wifi connection for solar devices to work with photovoltaic energy surplus?

Yes, both the solar storage heaters and the TSG electric water heater communicate via wifi through the USB control unit included in the Solar Box accessory, which is required in order to use the equipment with photovoltaic surplus.

What is the Solar Box accessory and what does it include?

Solar Box is a required accessory for the detection and use of surplus energy in Elnur Gabarron devices that includes Solar Manager technology in existing grid-connected photovoltaic installations. It is supplied separately from the equipment itself and only one Solar Box per home needs to be installed. This accessory includes a G Control Hub USB and two power meters (generation and consumption in the home).

How many devices can I link to the G Control Hub?

Each control unit supports up to 30 Elnur Gabarron devices with wifi technology installed in the same home.

Is the system compatible with the inverter of my photovoltaic solar panel installation?

Yes, both our G Control System (heating control and management via wifi), and Solar Manager technology (detection and use of surplus for heating and hot water) are independent of the installation inverter. The system is therefore universal and valid for any installation of solar panels with discharge to the grid.

Is it possible to establish priority between domestic hot water and heating if I have a high simultaneous consumption of other electrical devices?

Yes, you can prioritise the heating of domestic hot water from the TSG solar electric water heater or to the heating, whether they are solar storage heaters, heat storage heaters for charging the electricity grid or wifi enabled emitters. Through the app, you can set a maximum power for the home. Upon detection of simultaneous high domestic consumption, if approaching the established maximum power, the system will momentarily disconnect the heating or hot water equipment according to the established priority for each device. This avoids power outages caused by excessive consumption.

Can I know how much solar energy each device has harnessed?

Yes. The app shows daily, monthly and annual graphs of both the global use of surplus energy in heating and hot water and the individual use per device. If there is insufficient production of solar energy and the devices have been connected to the grid, the app also shows consumption during the hours of connection to the grid on a graph.

Can I perform a dynamic power control of the heating equipment in my home?

Yes, you can set a maximum simultaneous power limit in the app. The system will be able to disconnect devices temporarily according to the set priority so as not to exceed the established limit.

Will my production of solar energy be sufficient for hot water and heating?

Each home and each installation is different. This will depend on a variety of factors, such as the total kW of solar panels installed, the total performance of the panels, the amount of hot water required, the number of rooms you wish to heat, the power of the installed storage heaters, the selected setpoint temperatures, the degree of insulation in the home, etc.

Remember that if it is the only hot water or heating system and there is insufficient energy production, you can connect the devices to the power grid.

Can I use the inverter app or any other home automation system to control the solar water heater or solar storage heaters without installing the Solar Box accessory?

No, the Solar Box accessory is required in order to access the configuration of the solar electric water heater and the different functionalities of the solar storage heaters through the Elnur Gabarron wifi Control app. These include selection of operating modes, programming, regulation of setpoint temperatures, setting of DHW and heating priorities and equipment preferences, configuration of the power of the equipment according to the available surplus, distribution of surplus and historical consumption. Without this accessory you will not be able to access and manage the heaters and solar storage heaters for self-consumption systems that discharge surplus energy to the grid.

Frequently asked questions – solar storage heaters

What is the difference between a dynamic storage heater and a static storage heater? Which one is best for my needs?

The most convenient storage heater is one that offers you comfort when you need it, so it will depend on your specific heating needs. The main difference between the storage heater models is the way in which they give out heat to the room.

Static storage heaters such as Ecombi SOLAR offer heat gradually throughout the day, through constant natural emission. They will load and emit heat depending on the set comfort temperature. These devices provide heat to the room while they begin storing heat. If charged to 100% capacity, all that heat is transferred to the room during the following discharge hours. They are completely silent and highly recommended for all types of rooms or bedrooms where a stable temperature is desired.

On the other hand, dynamic storage heaters such as the Ecombi ARC, in addition to offering heat by emission, offer additional heat at specific times of the day thanks to the activation of an internal fan, which forces the stored heat to be emitted according to a user-established schedule. This allows additional concentrated heat to be available at specific times of the day. Devices with greater heat retention capacity have a higher percentage of insulation, allowing them to maintain up to 50% stored heat inside if the fan is not activated until the next load cycle. For that reason, they offer greater control over heat discharge. Although the level of noise is minimal, the sound of the fan circulating air in the room is perceptible. These devices are highly recommended for living rooms or kitchens where, due to daily activity and comfort needs, different temperatures are required at different times during the day.

No, these devices incorporate their own integrated timer, so they do not need external clocks to operate, in case you want to complete the charge during the most convenient window for your contracted electricity rate.

How do I calculate the heating I require for my home?

If you want to install a solar storage heater as the main heating system in a room using the surplus energy from your existing installation, ELNUR GABARRON offers you a heating calculator that takes into account the climate of your area and the characteristics of that room so that you can install a model of storage heater with adequate power to heat that room to 21ºC on the coldest day of the year.

If you already have a main heating system installed and you want to add a storage heater to make use of surplus energy and reduce the consumption of your main heating system, you can choose between one of the available storage heater models. Make sure to take into account each heater’s different power levels and storage capacities compared to the energy surplus of your existing installation during the winter.

Can I use Ecombi SOLAR and Ecombi ARC if on a certain day there is no surplus energy to charge the storage heater?

If you wish to heat the room with the storage heater and you don’t have sufficient surplus energy to reach the temperature and enjoy your desired comfort level, both solar storage heaters can connect to the power grid. This connection to the power grid is fully configurable – you can select if you want the device to connect to the grid as and when required.

Is it possible to select different priorities for each room when distributing solar energy?

Yes, it is possible using the app to assign different priority levels on a room-by-room basis: high, medium or low on each of the devices. Solar Manager technology will take into account priorities and room and setpoint temperatures to intelligently distribute surplus energy.

Do solar storage heaters take into account the temperature of each room?

Yes, each storage heater has a temperature probe to meet the comfort temperature and load according to the specifications established on each specific device. Information about the temperature of the room is also visible and modifiable in the app.

Do solar storage heaters need a timer in the box to charge through connection to the mains?

No, these devices incorporate their own integrated timer, so they do not need external clocks to operate, in case you want to complete the charge during the most convenient window for your contracted electricity rate.

What is a support resistor and what is its use in solar storage heaters?

The support resistor is an additional resistance that includes both dynamic (Ecombi ARC) and static (Ecombi SOLAR) heat storage heaters to meet your comfort needs throughout the day. The heat generated by this resistor is not stored in the refractory core, but is emitted directly to the environment if there is a temperature demand, thus complementing the heat emitted by the refractory core when necessary. Its operation also helps the device automatically determine the amount of load to be carried out in the event that it is allowed to operate, automatically making adjustments to the load percentage.

Do Ecombi SOLAR and Ecombi ARC require maintenance?

No, as the system is 100% electric, there is no combustion during operation. So, it is a wholly secure system that does not require any sort of maintenance, apart from cleaning to remove dust, as with other white gods.

Frequently asked questions – solar electric water heater

Does the wifi enabled solar electric water heater include anchors or wall fasteners?

Yes, these electric water heaters include anchors for proper fastening to the wall.

Can the TSG electric water heater be installed both horizontally and vertically?

The range of TSG electric water heaters by ELNUR GABARRON can be installed both vertically and horizontally. Just keep in mind that for horizontal installations, the power points will always be on the left.

What capacity of solar water heater should I install in my home?

To calculate the capacity of the TSG solar water heater you’ll need to consider:

  • The number of people living in the household who will need to have DHW.
  • The number of litres you will require at any given time.
  • The space you have to install the electric heater.

Remember that the capacity of the tank, which is where the hot water is stored, will determine the amount of hot water you can access at any given time.

The following chart is indicative, but helps determine which electric heater capacity might best meet your home’s hot water needs:


capacidad termos

Is installation of a thermostatic valve with the water heater compulsory?

Installation of a thermostatic valve next to the water heater is not compulsory but it is recommended. This can be obtained independently as an accessory.

If on a specific day there is not enough surplus energy to heat the solar electric water heater, can I use the TSG water heater?

Yes, it is possible to configure the electric water heaters in combined mode so that if on a specific day the production of solar energy is insufficient, the TSG water heater will connect to the grid to finish heating the water as required.

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