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Heat storage systems store the heat in high-density ceramic blocks inside them but release it in different ways.
Traditionally, at Gabarrón we have offered different types of storage heaters, which reflected the distinct needs of customers.

Dynamic storage heaters, which release energy in a controlled manner, with a fan which causes the air to circulate through the interior, warming it and then releasing it later into the room via the grille situated in the lower part of the device. These storage heaters allow us to control at what periods and times of the day we want them to release the heat, so they give us a fair degree of control over its discharge.

Digital, static storage heaters, with control and management over the charge and discharge of heat. This was true of the Ecombi System, a digital storage heater which, each day, would assess the energy consumption and loss of heat in the room, in order to determine the future need for heat and effectively adjust the energy charge required. A unique system which automatically regulated the charge every day.

Manual or automatic static storage heaters with little control over the discharge of the heat, and with two types of convection. On the one hand, a primary convection controlled by a hatch above which released warm air after the storage heater had been charged. On the other hand, there was a natural, secondary convection which released warm air for the whole 24 hours. This air was heated as it passed through the air chambers of the storage heater and was released through the grille above and the apertures to the front and back. This second, natural convection resulted from the design of the storage heater, which took advantage of the heat stored inside it to allow a constant release, but without any extra consumption of energy, as the storage heater only used energy during the night-time on off-peak tariffs (tariffs with Time Discrimination).

Owing to the Eco-Design legislation and, in particular, the Regulation no. 1188/2015, which came into force on 1 January 2018, traditional storage heaters were affected by requisites that had to be satisfied during their manufacture. For that reason, manufacture of all traditional storage heaters for distribution in the European Union ceased.

In response to the new ecological design requirements for the commercialization and putting into service of local heating apparatus like the storage heaters, Elnur has developed a new static storage heater with adjustment and control of the accumulated charge, the ECOMBI PLUS, a unique advance which places the trademark Gabarrón in the vanguard of heating equipment employing heat storage.

ECOMBI PLUS is a digital, static storage heater with management of the stored charge. It is totally programmable and allows remote management and control via wifi. Its unique advantage compared to traditional storage heaters is that Ecombi Plus assesses each day the energy consumption and loss of heat in the room to determine the future need for heat. It self-regulates in an automatic way the energy charge, adjusting it to the established need for comfort.