The possibilities of renewable energies for electric heating systems

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The possibilities of renewable energies for electric heating systems

Society is increasingly aware of the need for urgent measures to combat global warming and pollution. Key factors with a negative impact include the burning of fuels, constant petrol and diesel vehicle traffic and the poor management of electricity.  As such, we shouldn’t forget that domestic heating and cooling systems, together with their responsible use, are key to both contributing to and reducing atmospheric pollution.


Electric heating systems, an environmentally friendly option

According to data from the IDAE (Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving), heating and air conditioning systems make up more than 65% of a household’s energy consumption.  As such, we need to choose efficient domestic appliances and, above all, choose heating systems that guarantee excellent energy savings.

Electric heating systems are becoming the great allies in energy efficiency, assisted by renewable energies.  These solutions offer the desired heat comfort and help to considerably reduce the cost of the electricity bill. How do they work? As the name might suggest, these systems use electrical energy that doesn’t release pollutant emissions and achieves a good internal air quality.  They are characterised by their simple installation (they don’t need annual maintenance), and are safe systems that are far more affordable than others such as gas. At present, thanks to time-discriminating electricity tariffs, it’s very easy and economical to opt for an electric heating system.

Electric heating systems and renewable energies

At Elnur Gabarron, we work to improve heating and offer more sustainable energy systems: automatic, self-regulating intelligent storage heaters, solar storage heaters that work with photovoltaic solar panels, heat emitters with wifi or low temperature control, modulating electric boilers and even aerothermal heating solutions.

If you want to start saving on heating and help protect the environment from the comfort of your own home, you can opt for one of these attractive heating systems, such as the  Ecombi Solar storage heater or the various aerothermal solutions.

With the Ecombi Solar storage heater, you can utilise the energy surplus from your solar panel installation and convert it into 100% clean and efficient heating. A sustainable way of combining heat comfort and energy savings at home.

The aerothermal solution is an air to water heat pump that extracts the heat from the outside air.  With a given quantity of energy, it could deliver up to 75% free energy. Aerothermal solutions can deliver both heating and cooling, and function with fan coils, radiators or radiant flooring.  Aerothermal appliances use environmentally friendly refrigerants such as the R32 refrigerant gas. Ultimately, thanks to aerothermal, you will pay for 1kWh and could receive more than 4kWh of useful heat thanks to its excellent performance.

If you want to start saving energy sustainably and efficiently, contact  us.