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The Ecombi system, the digital storage heater, also offers us comfort by day and night alike but with the distinct feature of making automatic adjustments to the energy charge. In that way, energy consumption will be effectively reduced.
The graphics below make it easier to appreciate how the different systems work, the advantages they offer and the savings in energy consumption compared to other, traditional storage systems.


Manual static storage heaters were the simplest range of storage heaters within storage systems. They performed the functions of a storage heater by taking in energy during the more economic times and releasing it throughout the day but with a simple operating system and basic handling through the charge and discharge commands.
In this type of storage heater, the charge is controlled with a special internal thermostat, based only on the recording of the temperature inside the core.
In automatic static storage heaters, the charge control is adjusted by the patented system known as “Dual Sensor”. This system activated or disconnected the charge to the equipment by recording the temperature both inside and outside the equipment in the room where it was installed.
The “Dual Sensor” system of a static GABARRÓN storage heater enabled us to reduce electricity consumption by up to 15% compared to other manual storage heaters which did not feature that system.

Static storage heaters use the charge period to store 100% of the heat inside them. Later, they will release the heat throughout the discharge period, providing comfort around the clock.


In the case of dynamic storage heaters, the charge occurs in a similar manner. The main advantage of this system was the management of the discharge of the stored heat and the ability to obtain that heat only during the times when the user wanted it. Such storage heaters were ideal for large spaces, where heat could be obtained at different times of the day.

Provided the consumer conducted an optimal management of the temperature, dynamic storage heaters could achieve energy savings of up to 25%.

A dynamic storage heater did not need to use the entire charge period to store 100% of the heat inside it. It only loaded the amount of heat it had used.


In turn, the ECOMBI PLUS System employs an automatic management of the charge adjustment. Temperature management is continuous and consumption is assessed each day by the IEM (Integral Energy Manager) management module.

IEM evaluates the energy consumed by the equipment during the day and the temperature recordings made. It then determines an automatic control of the energy charge, adjusting it to the established need for comfort.

What is more, the new IEM model includes an intelligent charge control. The system incorporates new temperature recordings in the storage core. Together with the temperature recordings and the use of the compensation heater element, it will determine what percentage of charge should occur automatically. Maximum precision to achieve maximum savings.

Another of the big advantages of the ECOMBI PLUS system is that, if a sudden change of temperature occurs or an unexpected loss of heat in the room, it is able to provide extra heat through a compensation heating element.

ECOMBI PLUS is designed to store only the energy needed to maintain a comfortable temperature around the clock.

  • To meet the objective of constant comfort, it may be necessary to release extra heat during some minutes of the day (Graphic 1).
  • Thanks to the ESSIC automatic charge control module, it will adjust the charge in the next period (Graphic 2).
  • If the extra heat was not needed, the system will self-adjust to achieve the minimum consumption while always maintaining the comfortable temperature chosen by the consumer (Graphic 3).

The innovative Ecombi system has proven it can achieve significant savings in energy consumption when used for prolonged periods of time, such as in October and during the winter. With ECOMBI PLUS, we can reduce energy consumption by up to 35%.