After 50 years together, we celebrate our anniversary more focused than ever on environmental responsibility

After 50 years together, we celebrate our anniversary more focused than ever on environmental responsibility

Over these past five decades, we have adapted to society and the environment to reach numerous markets around the world, offering new and improved heating and domestic hot water solutions within a framework of respect for the environment. The trust of each of our customers has been fundamental in focusing us on the continuous improvement of these solutions for the heating of their homes, making us pioneers of electric heating systems with numerous patents in the market.

Since 1973, our strong commitment to quality and innovation has been present in our values and in our identity. All departments of the company work with our customer in mind, offering efficient solutions to their needs. We have full control over production processes, and implement and maintain business management systems that meet quality requirements such as the ISO 9001 Quality Control Management System and the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

At a time when sustainability has become a global priority, the industrial sector has a key role to play in reducing CO₂ emissions and in the transition to a cleaner economy.

We are aware that our path must be increasingly sustainable and self-sufficient, adopting measures and leading the way towards a future that does not compromise our environment. That is why we have invested heavily in backing new environmental responsibility objectives.

To this end, we have focused on three fundamental pillars: the design and development of products that promote and optimise the use of renewable energies in the housing sector, the improvement of our production processes with the acquisition of new, more efficient machinery, and the reduction of CO₂ emissions with the installation of solar panels in the company’s main factory, to the point of almost achieving energy self-sufficiency.

This installation covers a large part of the electricity consumption required for the company’s production processes. For its part, the development of new products that promote the installation and use of renewables such as solar energy has resulted in the market launch of unique products such as solar storage heaters, which transform solar energy into heating, or the TSG solar electric water heater, which uses surplus energy to generate hot water. A complete range of patented products for solar hot water and solar heating, with unique technology that will help users reduce their bills and the use of polluting energies.

We would like to bring our 50th anniversary to a close by working with the highest level of care and commitment and, as always, thanking everyone for their efforts.

Here’s to 50 more!