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✓ Totally safe
✓ No fossil fuels
✓ Zero emissions

Mattira, the safest, most reliable electric boilers to provide the best comfort for your home

The Mattira generation of modulating electric boilers has been designed to cover heating and domestic hot water (DHW) needs, ensuring the user a high level of comfort in the home and savings on energy consumption thanks to modulation.

  • In heating: it is capable of adapting consumption to the needs of the home in real time. When the home reaches the selected temperature, Mattira will reduce its operating power to maintain the temperature, consuming only the essential.
  • In hot water: Mattira studies the weekly hot water use habits of users, reducing the temperature established during periods of inactivity.
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The modulation function is activated to save energy and extend the boiler’s service life

Mattira smart electric boilers can modulate their heating output. This modulation allows the equipment to work longer at minimum power and perform fewer on/off operations, providing savings in electricity usage and extending the working life of the boilers, compared to a system without modulation. The activation of modulation requires connection to an external thermostat.


Mattira Combi CMXI Wall Mounted

Heating & DHW

Digital Modulating Electric Boiler

✓ Adaptable power from 3kW to 15 or 18 kW. It can be limited

✓ Includes a 50L DHW tank

✓ Digital control panel

✓ Independent heating and DHW control

✓ Suitable for use with underfloor heating

✓ Control via wifi through a CTM Wifi thermostat

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Mattira Combi CMXPI Floor Standing

Heating & DHW

Digital Modulating Electric Boiler

✓ Adaptable power from 3kW to 15 or 18 kW. It can be limited

✓ Includes a 50L DHW tank

✓ Digital control panel

✓ Independent heating and DHW control

✓ Suitable for use with underfloor heating

✓ Control via wifi through a CTM Wifi thermostat

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Mattira System MAS Wall Mounted

Heating Only

Digital Modulating Electric Boiler

✓ Adaptable power from 3kW to 15 or 18 kW. It can be limited

✓ Digital control panel

✓ Compact design

✓ Suitable for use with underfloor heating

✓ Control via wifi through a CTM Wifi thermostat

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High Power CPE Floor Standing

Heating Only

Electro-mechanical Boiler

✓ Power from 24 kW to 54 kW

✓ Three separate power levels

✓ Built-in daily programmer

✓ Large capacity boiler (45 litres)

✓ Suited for big spaces

✓ Optional kit for underfloor heating installation

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Made to measure for your installation

Mattira electric boilers are available for both heating-only and mixed heating and domestic hot water (DHW). It is possible to install wall-hung or floor standing models, depending on the user’s needs.

Our electric boilers can be adapted to both single-phase and three-phase installations. They can work with water radiators or underfloor heating. We limit the power of the boiler from the factory, depending on the needs of your installation.

Mattira electric boilers are an ideal replacement for existing combustion boilers, such as gas or fuel-oil boilers, for installation in newly built homes, flats, apartments, refurbished houses, etc.They are ideal for installation in all types of homes, both refurbished and newly built. Mattira boilers are also an ideal heating system for small houses or flats, as their power can be adapted and so it does not require so much electric power.

✓ Installation: Wall or floor

✓ Service: Heating and DHW or Heating Only

✓ Connection: Single-Phase or Three-Phase

✓ Operation: Radiators or Radiant Floor

✓ Power: From 3kW



Why you should install an electric boiler in your home


They automatically adapt the heating output to the heating needs of your home. An external room thermostat or chronothermostat is required.

Remote Control

The accessory CTM Wifi chronothermostat enables you to operate the Mattira boiler remotely using the G-Control System with free Elnur Gabarron Wifi Control App.

Auto Heating Regulation

It is possible to moderate the flow temperature of the water depending on the outside temperature of the house. To activate it, an external temperature sensor must be connected.

Easy Installation

Mattira Electric Boilers come fitted with all the components required to operate the unit, including a template for ease of installation. This process is quick and easy and can usually be completed in a single day.

Safe and Maintenance-Free

Electric boilers are a very safe system and offer maximum reliability. What’s more, no periodic maintenance is required.

No CO2

Our electric boilers do not use fossil fuels, avoiding annoying ventilation grilles and the emission of polluting gases.

Eco Smart Function

This function minimises electricity consumption by studying the user’s weekly hot water consumption habits and reducing automatically the set temperature in periods of inactivity.

Full compatibility

The entire range of Mattira boilers can be used with hot water radiators and radiant floor. In addition, Mattira boilers can be installed in combination with other heating systems such.

Legionella Protection

All combi boilers include a 50L tank for domestic hot water. The anti-legionella function raises the water temperature to 70ºC once a week, thus preventing the spread of legionella.

Frost Protection Mode

It is possible to select an anti-freeze mode for frost protection during periods of inactivity. By selecting this mode, the heating system will activate automatically if the boiler temperature falls under 8ºC.

Individual Heating

Heating and DHW are separate components therefore you can switch off the heating and just keep the domestic hot water on, or vice-versa.

ErP Compliant

All of our boilers comply with the Ecodesign (ErP) standard which sets minimum energy efficiency requirements for heating equipment manufactured in Europe.




Our Mattira electric boilers are unique in that they regulate energy consumption according to the heating needs of the installation. They take into account not only the room temperature, but also the external temperature with the help of an outdoor sensor (optional accessory), making it an even more comfortable boiler.



Connectivity in home heating can be completed by using any chronothermostat from the CTM Wifi range. This accessory allows you to remotely manage the boiler through the G Control System.

A brand you can trust

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of boiler would suit me?

The first thing we have to decide is what type of boiler we are going to need according to the requirements we have to meet, i.e. if we are going to need just heating or if we are going to need a Combi boiler that covers all our heating needs as well as those of domestic hot water (DHW).

The next thing to take into account is whether we are going to need a wall-mounted or floor-standing boiler.

Finally, you must be clear about whether you want to use the boiler with conventional water radiators or underfloor heating, whether the installation is three-phase or single-phase and determine the power required for the home.

Remember that ELNUR GABARRON Mattira boilers can limit their output depending on the installation.

How do you calculate the installed capacity required?

To calculate the capacity of an electric boiler, we must take various factors into account. We would ask you to contact us on 91.628.14.40 and we will advice you on the installed capacity taking your circumstances into account. If you prefer, you can also send us an email to [email protected]

What's the difference between monophase or triphase installation?

It will all depend on the home’s individual system.

  • Monophase is where the electricity travels by a single flow of alternating current. This tends to be the most common system for apartment-type dwellings.
  • Triphase is used for larger chalet-type properties or businesses, and consists of three flows of alternating current for the electricity to pass.

The boiler should be adapted at the point of manufacture for the type of system in the dwelling where it will be installed.

What is the electric boiler modulation?

The modulating operation of Elnur Gabarron electric boilers is managed by an Intelligent Control Electronic Modulation System (EMS), which will regulate the output according to actual heat demand. The boiler will work for longer at minimum power and carry out fewer on/off operations, saving electricity consumption, compared with a system without modulation.

In order to modulate the boilers, an external thermostat must be connected. Modulation only occurs for the heating circuit, not for heating domestic hot water.

What is Auto heating Regulation?

This is a feature managed by the Intelligent Control Electronic Modulation System (EMS). It is possible to regulate the temperature at which the boiler boosts the heating circuit water, according to the existing temperature outside the house. This method of regulation offers maximum comfort, because it anticipates changes in the heating needs of the house. An external temperature sensor needs to be connected to activate this mode. This “Outdoor Sensor” is offered as an accessory.

An ambient thermostat is necessary for the boiler to work?

Mattira boilers can operate perfectly without an ambient thermostat. Lack of a thermostat will restrict the boiler so it cannot modulate the Auto Heating Regulation function, nor can this be activated; both features that help not just to improve the dwelling’s comfort, but to avoid unnecessary consumption of electricity. You can find different models of ambient thermostats and chronothermostats in our accessories section.

What are the differences between 18 kW and 15kW boilers?

The kilowatts will determine the maximum output both boiler models can reach. 18 kW boilers might require this output at most, in one system.

On the other hand, both models can be configured to reduce their output and limit the boiler to the maximum requirements of the system. The main difference between both is that the 18 kW model, because of the type of resistor it has inside, will be able to modulate in outputs of three in three stages, and it will be possible to limit the boiler’s outputs to 3 kW, 6 kW, 9 kW, 12 kW, 15 kW and 18 kW.

By contrast, the 15 kW boiler will be able to modulate in 1 kW stages and it will be possible to limit the output from 3kW at least up to 15 kW (excluding 14 kW output).

Can a service technician change a monophase boiler to triphase and vice versa?

ASTS or After Sales Technical Service can carry out the necessary adaptations to convert a monophase boiler into triphase and vice versa. However, we recommend giving this information at the start of the order, so we can ensure that the boiler leaves the factory configured and adapted, as nearly as possible, to the system in which it is going to be placed.

Can I substitute a gas or oil boiler for an electric boiler for supplying heating and domestic hot water?

Absolutely. Electric boilers will use the same water circuit to heat the house as gas or oil boilers. They are a perfect solution for every type of home, whether renovated or new build, and for those without access to the gas network supply, or with other kinds of limitation.

In addition, they do not use combustible fuels and can be installed in unventilated rooms, thus avoiding annoying ventilation grilles which compromise the dwelling’s thermal insulation.

Can an electric boiler be installed to supply hot water with fancoils?

Yes. The boiler will be responsible for heating the water in the hydraulic circuit to which the fancoils will be connected. These units act as a means of transferring ambient heat.

Can Elnur Gabarron electric boilers be used for underfloor heating?

Yes. Elnur Gabarron boilers are perfectly compatible with an underfloor heating system for heat transfer as a central heating system or hydraulic circuit. The factory will just have to be informed in advance to adapt the heating thermostat for this purpose.

Can the system be compartmentalised with underfloor heating if various independent circuits are installed?

Yes. Elnur Gabarron electric boilers will be able to operate to give you heating via underfloor heating, even when the circuit is installed in various hydraulic circuits to compartmentalise the system. If the circuits are underfloor heating circuits, you will be able to install the boiler directly, but always leaving 1 circuit in operation through which 7l./min. pass, to avoid Error3 (water circulation error).

If the circuits work at different temperatures, for example one with underfloor heating and another with radiators or fancoils, we always recommend installation of a buffer tank connected to the boiler. In this case, the tank will be heated by the boiler to the higher temperature needed by one of the circuits (for the radiators) and the lower temperature circuit (for underfloor heating) will have to have a mixing valve fitted in the outlet from the buffer tank leading to this circuit.

Can water leak or drip from the boiler?

It can happen that the boiler has water dripping through the safety valves owing to excessive water pressure in the circuit. In this case, we recommend that you contact us on (+34) 91.628.14.40 to confirm what might be happening and if it is necessary for an After Sales Technical Service in your area to attend.

What maintenance do electric boilers need?

Unlike gas boilers, electric boilers do not require any sort of compulsory maintenance. We, as the manufacturer, recommend the boiler’s power cables, electricity consumption and pressures to be checked.

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