Low consumption fans


Cool spaces with energy-saving portable fans

quiet, practical and very easy to move around the house

Ventilador sin cable silenciono BELOC


Fan with battery

  • Power 27W
  • DC Motor
  • Ultra Silent
  • 26 speeds
  • Timer
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Ventilador de pie VAERA DC


Energy saving fan

  • Power 26W
  • DC Motor
  • Silent
  • 12 speeds
  • Timer
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Ventilador de pie VANTIC DC


Energy saving fan

  • Power 30W
  • DC Motor
  • Silent
  • 6 speeds
  • Timer
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Ventilador nebulizador con agua BRUME


Mist fan

  • Power 75W
  • Water tank 2,8L
  • Independent fan and mist
  • 8 h nebulisation
  • Timer
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Ventilador con batería diseño industrial VENSO DC


Fan with battery

  • Power 18W
  • DC Motor
  • Silent
  • 9 speeds
  • 360º rotation
  • Hanging hook
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With the new Elnur Gabarron range of portable energy saving fans, you won’t have to worry about your electricity bill in the summer months, as these fans consume very little energy, between 18W and 30W depending on the fan model. Now you have an efficient and economical solution to cool your home and combat the heat without making large investments in other types of fixed installation of air conditioning equipment.

Enjoy comfort in any room of the house with these new portable fans that guarantee fresh air thanks to their different operating modes and air speed levels.

You can also use them in patios and terraces to enjoy a pleasant summer evening outdoors. And if you don’t have a power socket to connect the fan, you can choose one of the models available with battery, which offer up to 10 hours of autonomy.


Integración ventilador Vaera DC

1. Advantages of energy-saving standing fans
2. Types of fans available
3. How to choose the best fan
4. Comparison of fans

Advantages of energy-saving standing fans

The DC motor incorporated in most fans ensures low power consumption, even at the highest air speed levels. They are silent fans with a very low noise level so that nothing disturbs your peace of mind, even while you sleep, selecting the ideal night or sleep mode for rest or night hours, always maintaining a pleasant atmosphere at home.

These fans are easy to transport due to their low weight. For the less lightweight models, such as the misting fan that includes a 2.8 litre water tank, it incorporates 360º swivel wheels that make it easy to move between rooms.

If you want extra freshness, this nebuliser is perfect for cooling environments and providing a minimum of humidity in dry and hot areas.

All our standing fans come with a remote control and timer so that you can programme their operation according to your preferences.

Types of fans available

Catálogo tarifa ventiladores y climatización


In our range of portable fans you can find mainly floor fans, industrial style floor fans and misting fans.

Some models include more than one mast to use the portable fan at different heights, both as a standing fan and as a table fan.

Cordless fan models are also available with an integrated battery that can run for up to 10 hours.

Download here the new catalog of energy saving fans..


How to choose the best fan

When choosing a fan, we recommend that you look at certain aspects and technical characteristics to ensure a pleasant environment and to get the best out of the equipment.

  • Power and consumption. Energy-efficient equipment ensures that we can use the fan for as many hours as we need to, without having to worry about overcharging our electricity bill.
  • Portable and lightweight. For easy mobility between rooms, the fan should not be bulky or heavy.
  • Modes and speeds. Having several operating modes and different speeds ensures that we can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere with a fan that adapts to different times or needs.
  • Quiet. Fans should have a low noise level so that they do not disturb us both during the day and at night when the sound is even more perceptible.
  • Timer. This automatic switch-off function is very practical for switching off the equipment after the programmed time has elapsed.
  • Remote control. It allows you to conveniently access the fan operation from anywhere in the room.
  • Automatic oscillation. Improves air circulation and air movement throughout the room.
  • Extra freshness.. If you are looking to cool the atmosphere even more, you can opt for a misting fan that sprays a fine mist. In this case, opt for a fan with water that includes a sufficient reservoir to provide at least 6 to 8 hours of mist. And choose a model where ventilation and misting can work independently or together as needed.
  • Easy to clean. UA simple dusting of the exterior with a cloth or a vacuum cleaner will suffice to get the fan ready for storage it in a small space during the winter. If it has a water tank, it must be easily removable for regular cleaning.

High summer temperatures will no longer be a problem. Now you can choose from one of our practical portable fans and enjoy the best energy-saving fan that adapts to what you need in each room.

Here we leave you a comparison to make it easier to choose the fan model.

Comparison of fans

Ventilador sin cables BelocVentilador bajo consumo Vaera DCVentilador Bajo consumo Vantic DCVentilador nebulizador BRUMEVentilador con batería VENSO DC
Power / consumption27 W26 W30 W75 W18 W
DC motor-
Timer0 - 7 h0 - 8 h0 - 7 h0,5 - 7,5 h-
Automatic oscillationHorizontal / VerticalHorizontal / VerticalHorizontalHorizontal-
Spindle rotation90º / 105º45º / 90º60º90ºVertical 360º
Remote control-
Two heights--
Water tank----