Storage Water Heaters


Enjoy hot water in the home with quality and comfort


✓ Different sizes and capacities
✓ DHW always at hand
✓ Great durability

The comfort of hot water when you need it.


Achieve the perfect balance between energy savings and space optimisation with ACTIVE electric storage water heater.


ELNUR GABARRON ACTIVE electric storage water heaters are manufactured to the highest quality standards to offer the user high energy efficiency and durable equipment.



Solar electric water heater with wifi

Horizontal or Vertical Installation

✓ Provides domestic hot water to your home all year round

✓ Adapts its consumption for an efficient use of surplus solar energy

✓ Anti-freeze and anti-legionella functions.

✓ Easy installation.

✓ 100L and 150L capacity.

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Wall-Mounted Electric Water Heater

Horizontal or Vertical Installation

✓ Armoured, protected and independent resistors.

✓ ECO Smart function with self-teaching to save on consumption.

✓ Anti-freeze and anti-legionella functions.

✓ Easy installation.

✓ 80L, 100L and 150L capacity.

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Reduced Diametre Electric Water Heater

Vertical Wall-Mounted

✓ Direct-immersion armoured resistors.

✓ ECO Smart function with self-teaching to save on consumption.

✓ Anti-freeze and anti-legionella functions.

✓ Easy installation.

✓ 30L and 50L capacity.

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The Active range of water heaters has been created to meet the DHW needs of the most demanding users. These units are capable of minimising energy consumption thanks to their ECO SMART function, while at the same time offering the comfort desired by the user when using hot water.

✓ Multi-purpose installation

✓ High-quality materials

✓ Self-teaching equipment

✓ Durable and well-insulated

What kind of space do you have?

The ELNUR GABARRON ACTIVE range has two lines of electric storage water heaters to adapt to the installation and space needs.


Active Multiflix

This line adapts to the different space availability of the customers, thanks to its size and capacity options.

One of its strongest points is that these storage water heaters can be fitted vertically or horizontally with the intakes to the left.


Active Slim

The Slim range has been specifically designed to be fitted in small spaces, thanks to its special diameter for the tightest of spaces.

It is the ideal option to be fitted in small bathrooms, narrow cupboards, fitted kitchen cupboards or toilets in small establishments.


Choose the storage water heater capacity that you need

When choosing the capacity of the storage water heater, you should take into account the number of people in the household or rather the amount of liters you are going to need at a specific time. The capacity of the tank, which is where the hot water is stored, is going to determine the number of liters of hot water that you will have at a specific time.

With these two variables in mind, you can choose the best size of storage water heater for your needs:


Number of liters available at 65ºC
Number of liters available at 40ºC

Average Hot Water Consumption

Although the average usage will depend on the amount of water flow (litres per minute) of each installation, we show you some of the estimated per person hot water usage in a household:


Washbasin: Average of 3 L


Shower: Average of 30 L


Sink: Average of 15-30 L


Bath: Average of 90-100 L


Discover all the benefits of an electric storage water heater in your home.

Multi-purpose in space

The Active Multifix range of storage water heaters can be installed vertically and horizontally with the sockets on the left.

Excellent thermal insulation

Injected polyurethane between the casing and the cylinder is used as the thermal insulation. The polyurethane has a very low thermal conductivity coefficient for greater energy savings.

Independent covered resistors in Active Multifix

The integrated, independent, covered heating elements are more durable as they are not in direct contact with water.

Anti-Corrosion Technology

The storage water heaters contain a magnesium anode and a steel tank with corrosion-resistant enamel coating, ensuring high quality and long life for the equipment.

Digital display

Active storage water heaters include a digital display, which is easy to use, with a power meter and error codes for the equipment.

Safety Valve

All the ELNUR GABARRON electric storage water heaters come with a non-return safety valve to ensure that the hot water does not return to the mains if pressure increases inside the storage water heater.

Dielectic pipe fittings

They prevent galvanic couples forming in the water inflow and outflow pipes and reduce the corrosion which helps to lengthen the life of the storage water heater.

Water inflow diffuser

Thanks to the exclusive water inflow diffuser, the water is gradually distributed through the storage water heater, preventing a sharp mix of the cold water entering and the hot water inside the tank.


The water heater will memorize our consumption habits for 7 days and will then apply them to heat and prepare the water at the regular times, so the consumption of electricity outside those periods will be reduced.

Frost Protection Mode

Incorporate the Frost Protection mode to protect the heater against low temperatures. The heater will keep the water temperature at around 10ºC to prevent possible freezing.

Anti-Legionella Function

If the water temperature in the tank does not reach 65ºC for 14 consecutive days, the anti-legionella function heats the water up to 70ºC and keeps this temperature stable for 120 minutes to protect against legionella.

“Dry-Firing” Protection

If the electric storage water heater does not have water in it, the Dry-Firing protection system avoids unnecessary power usage

If you are interested in installing an electric storage water heaters from our Active range, please do not hesitate to contact us

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it come with anchors or wall fixings?

Water heaters come with anchors for correct fixing to the wall.

What capacity of storage water heater should I install in my house?

To calculate the capacity of the water heater it is important to consider:

  • The number of people living in the house.
  • The amount of litres to be consumed at a specific moment.
  • The space available for the water heater installation.

The capacity of the tank, where the hot water is stored, will determine the quantity of litres of hot water we can have at a specific moment.

The chart below is only a guide, but it will help you determine what boiler capacity best meets the needs of your home.

capacidad termos

Can it be installed both horizontally and vertically?

The MULTIFIX ACTIVE and TSG Water Heaters by ELNUR GABARRON allows both vertical and horizontal installation. You just have to take into account that for horizontal installation the sockets are always on the left.

Is installation of a thermostatic valve with the water heater compulsory?

Installation of a thermostatic valve next to the water heater is not compulsory but it is recommended. This can be obtained independently as an accessory.

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