Solar storage heating




✓ Green, sustainable heating
✓ Save on energy consumption
✓ Environmentally-friendly


Discover a new generation of electric heater with wifi control, designed to use surplus energy from solar panels to heat your home


Reduce your electricity consumption and enjoy greener heating with the new Ecombi SOLAR and Ecombi ARC storage heaters.


The ELNUR GABARRON range of storage heaters allow you to use excess solar energy to heat your home for free.

✓ Transforms available surpluses into heating

✓ Reduce your electricity consumption

✓ Integral management via wifi

✓ Clean and sustainable heating

✓ Savings in consumption and use of solar panels installation


Solar storage heaters can operate as a back-up system to the main heating, consuming only the surpluses from the photovoltaic installation fed into the grid. These surpluses will be converted into stored heat and then later allocated to the room according to the set comfort needs.

If the surplus production is insufficient to provide the heating desired, solar storage heaters can function as a conventional
storage heater by completing the charge during off-peak hours.



Why use solar storage heating?


Efficient use of surplus solar energy

Solar-powered storage heaters convert excess solar energy into heat.


Wifi connection

All appliances come fitted with the G Control System, allowing remote control of the heater via Wifi.


Control through the app

All appliances can be managed through the app.


Easy meter readings

You can view your electricity consumption through the app.


Patented Technology

The Solar Manager patented technology manages the surpluses and automatically controls and completes the charges with a modulating function.


Simple control panel

Each appliance comes with a TFT screen with an easy-to-use keyboard, allowing accessible control over every function.


Programming each day and week

The Elnur Gabarron Wifi Control App gives you control over how much energy you use and when you want to use it.


Off-Peak Charging

When necessary, Ecombi SOLAR and Ecombi ARC can charge up at the cheapest tariff time, i.e. off-peak times.


Quiet heating

Ecombi ARC dynamic heaters contain a low-noise fan to distribute heat. Ecombi Solar static heaters make no noise when heating a room.



Proximity detection through the geolocation function included in the App for the solar storage heaters.


Voice activation available

Ecombi SOLAR and Ecombi ARC are compatible, via the App, with the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice systems.


Different users management

It is possible to allocate or remove access to different users for the control of the heating equipment. It is an ideal solution for the control of equipment in all types of accommodation.


Calefacción para autoconsumo acumulador de calor Ecombi SOLAR ECO20

Ecombi SOLAR

Static Solar Storage Heater

Self-consumption Heating

Consistent heating

throughout the day

✓ Provides heat gradually and naturally

✓ Makes the most of excess solar energy

✓ Wifi control through the App

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Ecombi ARC, acumulador de calor para instalaciones fotovoltaicas

Ecombi ARC

Dynamic Solar Storage Heater

Self-consumption Heating

Extra heat release

available at certain times

✓ Supplies heat quickly through a fan

✓ Makes the most of surplus solar energy

✓ Wifi control through the App

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Solar Manager Technology

The new generation of solar storage heaters incorporate Solar Manager technology, the latest of our innovations, developed and patented by ELNUR GABARRON.



Solar Manager

Detects the surplus from PV self-consumption installations
Intelligent distribution of energy to the installed devices
Adapts the output of the heaters to the energy available
Operates according to the established priorities and the different setpoints per room

Integral management via wifi

The integral management of heating and the distribution and use of the solar production, as well as the control of the Ecombi SOLAR and ECOMBI ARC storage heaters, is possible through the G Control System, the free Elnur Gabarron Wifi Control app.

Displays the distribution of the surplus for heating on a daily, monthly or annual basisChooses and defines the setpoint temperature on each of the appliances
Selects the operating mode best suited to the comfort desiredEstablishes the heating priorities for each room


Solar storage heaters heat responsibly using excess solar power

By using renewables such as solar power and helping our customers to save energy, we comply with many of the 2030 Sustainable Development Objectives.

Don’t forget that we are constantly adapting our production methods and we are committed to quality control and environmental management systems (ISO Norms 9001 and 14001).


✓ Industry, innovation and infrastructure

✓ Sustainable cities and communities

✓ Responsible consumption and production

✓ Climate action


Frequent questions

Can Ecombi SOLAR and Ecombi ARC only work with energy surpluses?

Yes, Ecombi SOLAR and Ecombi ARC can be programed to load and accumulate heat using only energy surpluses from solar panels.

What should be the maximum distance between Ecombi SOLAR and Ecombi ARC and the SOLAR Box switchboard?

The switchboard can be no further than 30 metres away, accounting for about 2 to 3 walls in between.

Each storage heater uses radio frequency to communicate with each other. They act as a signal repeater that sends instructions from the app to the storage heater furthest from the switchboard.

How do I know what storage heaters I need for my home?

ELNUR GABARRON offers you a heating calculator that accounts for the characteristics of each room in your home and the climate where you live.

If there is not a large enough surplus to charge the storage heater, can I still use Ecombi SOLAR and Ecombi ARC?

If we want to heat the room just with that heater and if there is not enough surplus to meet the demand for temperature, both solar storage heaters can complete the missing charge with the most economical energy from the grid. The equipment will charge in the off-peak period with the hourly tariffs.

Do I need to connect Ecombi SOLAR and Ecombi ARC to the App?

In order to use surpluses efficiently and intelligently, it is vital to connect Ecombi SOLAR and Ecombi ARC to our Elnur Gabarron Wifi Control App. It is completely free and available for IOS and Android devices.

What is the Solar Box accessory?

It is an accessory needed to exploit the surpluses. It is supplied separately from the equipment and it is only necessary to supply one for the entire home, provided the home does not exceed 30 installed equipment units.

Is the system compatible with the inverter of my photovoltaic installation?

Yes, our Solar Manager system is independent from the installation inverter. Therefore, it is universal and valid for any photovoltaic installation.

Is it possible to prioritise different rooms for surplus usage?

Yes, you can prioritise rooms through the App by using three different priority levels: HIGH, MEDIUM and LOW. The Solar Manager system will take this information into account to distribute energy surpluses in an intelligent way. In addition, the Solar Manager will also take into account room temperatures and set-points of each room.

Can I see how much solar energy each heater uses?

Yes. The app shows daily, monthly and annual graphics both of total solar energy surplus use and a room-by-room breakdown. If it is necessary to supplement solar charge with off-peak energy from an electrical network, then consumption at off-peak times is also shown in a graphic.

Can I set a cap on device use during the off-peak period?

Yes. If the equipment works in the mode (solar + off-peak), it is possible to mark in the App the maximum, simultaneous capacity of the equipments that we do not want to exceed. In this way, we are able to adjust to the maximum the contracted capacity during off-peak hours.

Do Ecombi SOLAR and Ecombi ARC require maintenance?

No. As the system is 100% electric, there is no combustion when using the heater. So, it is a fully secure system that does not require any maintenance apart from cleaning and dust removal, as with other white goods.

Does the system show me the temperature in each room?

Yes, each heater has a temperature gauge that informs the app of the room temperature where it is installed.

Does the equipment require a programming clock on the control panel to charge via power grid?

No. Each system is fitted with its own timer switch, so does not require external clocks to charge during off-peak tariff hours.

Will my solar energy production be enough to heat my home through Ecombi SOLAR and Ecombi ARC?

Each home and piece of equipment is different. Efficiency depends on a number of factors, such as the overall performance of your solar panels and the installation inverter, the number of rooms you want to heat, the capacity of the storage heaters you have installed, the set-point temperatures, the amount of insulation in your home, etc.

Remember that you can always finish charging your storage heaters using off-peak energy from the grid at the cheapest tariffs, if there have not been enough solar energy surpluses to complete the charge that day. 

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