ECOMBI PRO, Wifi Smart Static Storage Heater


Smart storage heater with wifi control for 24-hour comfort

Improve comfort and save money with energy efficient electric heating.

Take advantage of the cheapest hours of your electricity tariff to charge the Ecombi PRO smart storage heaters and enjoy heating all day long.

  • Adapts the charge according to comfort temperatures you need.
  • Gradual heat discharge by natural convection.
  • DPC Dynamic power control: technology that allows the simultaneous operation of several storage heaters in the house, adapting their consumption and allowing you to reduce the contracted power.
  • Intuitive TFT screen with keyboard lock function.
  • Completely silent.
  • Possibility of management and control through wifi, installing additionally any ELNUR GABARRON wifi control accessory.
  • Significant savings in energy consumption.
  • Safe and sustainable heating.



ECOMBI PRO is a digital, static storage heater with management of the stored charge. It is totally programmable and allows remote management and control via wifi.

Its main advantage compared to traditional storage heaters is that it performs a dynamic power control: if necessary, it adapts its consumption if it is operating simultaneously with other equipments installed in the house. In addition, Ecombi PRO evaluates the energy consumption and heat loss in the room on a daily basis to determine future heating needs.

It automatically regulates the amount of energy it needs to provide 24 hours of heating, charching during maximum 8 hours.

With this smart heating, you can obtain up to 35% of savings in energy consumption compared to other, conventional storage heaters.


Ecombi PRO incorporates a new IEM (Integral Energy Manager) management module. It assesses the energy consumption by the equipment during the day, as well as the temperature measurements made to regulate the automatic charge.
With the Ecombi PRO users can choose from three operating modes:

  • Manual, the storage heater will maintain at all times the temperature set point established on a 24/7 basis
  • Auto, it is possible to program the storage heater by hours and days of the week, establishing one of three temperature levels: Comfort, Eco and Frost Protection.
  • Off, the storage heater is switched off. It will just show the time on the display panel.

Neither external charge switchboards to unite the combined installation of various pieces of Ecombi equipment nor additional timing management systems are needed.

ECOMBI PRO is designed to store only the energy required to maintain a comfort temperature over 24 hours:

  • To fulfil its objective of constant comfort, it may be necessary to release extra heat for a few minutes per day. This support resistance allows stable comfort to be maintained and also helps to regulate nocturnal charges according to the comfort enjoyed the previous day.
  • Thanks to automatic control module, the system will increase or decrease the charge for the following period. Such controls ensure a thorough adjustment in consumption, maintaining comfort without consuming more than necessary.
  • It is also possible to completely disable the balancing heating element in the parameters of the equipment. In this case, the storage heater will not perform automatic load regulation, nor will it supplement with additional heat outside the charging hours.

sistema G control

In addition to self-regulating the load, the Ecombi PRO range of storage heaters incorporates the G Control System in its electronics.With this system, heating can be managed and controlled via wifi from anywhere via the Internet. It is only necessary to purchase a control unit that connects the storage heaters to the application. This control unit is available as an accessory.

You can gain immediate access from any mobile device, tablet or PC to all functions and make changes to the equipment immediately via the free Elnur Gabarron Wifi Control App from ELNUR GABARRON.

  • They are connected during off-peak hours or at the most economical hours of your electricity tariff for 24-hour comfort.
  • Compatible with two-period Off-Peak tariff in a single 24-hour interval.
  • They adapt to 8 or 14 hour installations configurable in the electronics.
  • IEM technology for a smart management with consumption adjustments, regulating the storage heater charge.
  • Wizard programmed on the electronic for an easy and fast guided commissioning.
  • Built-in weekly and daily programming.
  • Internet controllable. Wireless control and operation with the G Control System.
  • Built-in timer. No need for a timer switch on the electrical panel.
  • For rental housing, it is possible to remotely block the equipment through the Elnur Gabarron Wifi Control app.
  • Programmable and self-regulating static storage heater.
  • Intuitive TFT screen with keyboard lock function.
  • ERP Functions: Open window and Adaptive start control.
  • Built-in temperature sensor sensitive to ±0,1ºC, with calibration option.
  • Electronic charge control with measurement of core temperature.
  • Built-in timer switch.
  • Silent operation.
  • Temperature sensor with calibrating setting.
  • Overheating protection on storage heating function.
  • Safety thermostat with manual reset.
  • Built-in balancing heating element made of aluminium.
  • Storage heating elements made of stainless steel.
  • Front, side and rear air isolating chambers.
  • Steel structure powder coated in epoxy RAL 9010.
  • Robust thermoplastic fittings.
Balancing element output 8 Hours* 220-240 V~975 W1300 W1950 W2600 W
Storage heater input 14 Hours* 220-240 V~550  (975) W650  (650) W1100 (1300) W1300 (1300) W
Accumulated energy7,8 kWh10,4 kWh15,6 kWh20,8 kWh
Balancing element output**350 W350 W450 W600 W
Voltage230 V~230 V~230 V~230 V~
InsulationClase IClase IClase IClase I
Width x Height x Depth55x73x1866x73x1889x73x18111x73x18
Total weight61 kg79 kg112 kg148 kg
Num. of blocks (No.11016) 7,5 kg81216
Num. of blocks (No.11072) 11,5 kg4

*Storage heater elements and balancing element will never operate at the same time.

**Storage heater elements and balancing heating element will never operate at the same time.

The power supply lines and protection devices must be calculated taking into account the nominal power in 8 hours.



  • What is the difference between a static and a dynamic storage heater?
    A static storage heater provides heat gradually by natural transfer, i.e. all the heat that has been charged will be gradually transferred to the room.

    On the other hand, a dynamic heat storage heater offers heat by natural transfer and through a fan assisted for better heat distribution and room warm-up time, allowing us to quickly raise the temperature at the desired hours.

    Dynamic storage heaters are high heat retention equipment, so they are able to save up to 50% of the heat for the next day if you haven’t used it by activating the forced air supply.

    Within our range of storage heaters, Ecombi PRO is a static storage heater ideal for all types of rooms and Ecombi ARC is a dynamic storage heater perfect for large rooms such as living rooms, kitchens or hallways.

  • Can I convert my Ecombi PRO storage heaters to solar by adding the SOLAR BOX?
    No, the SOLAR BOX accessory can only be used with Ecombi SOLAR and Ecombi ARC solar storage heaters.

    Ecombi PRO does not include the SOLAR MANAGER technology for surplus detection in photovoltaic installations.

    You can only add to Ecombi PRO the G CONTROL HUB switchboard for the management through wifi

  • Is it possible to replace old storage heaters with Ecombi PRO without altering the electrical installations in my home?
    Yes, you may replace any old storage heater with an Ecombi PRO storage heater without making any alterations to your electrical installations.
  • Is it possible to keep the current timer switch?
  • Yes, the Ecombi PRO storage heaters have their own integrated timer, avoiding the need to have external clocks in the panel. However, in case you would like to keep the timer in your home because the new equipment has to coexist simultaneously with other traditional storage heaters, it is fully configurable and you only have to modify two parameters in the working mode so that it can work as a traditional static storage heater.

  • Which Ecombi PRO model will replace my old storage heater?
    Owing to its functioning, it is possible that, with Ecombi PRO, the necessary output of the equipment to be installed will be reduced. The ideal situation is to make the necessary calculation with our heating calculator to discover the most suitable Ecombi for the room.
  • Is it necessary to install a special electrical line with a night-time tariff for Ecombi PRO?
    No. Each Ecombi PRO is fitted with a digital time switch, enabling it to be connected to a normal light point. This storage heater does not need to be supplied by a special line with a time switch, as in the old installations. In addition, it can be adapted to this type of installation and work in conjunction with traditional storage heaters.
  • Do I need to change my electrical tariff?
    As it is heating equipment that exploits the most economical energy period to generate heat, we recommend that you use a tariff that includes one or several off-peak periods throughout the day.
  • Does Ecombi PRO consume less than conventional storage heaters?
    Yes, Ecombi PRO allows consumption to be managed in an intelligent way, based on thermal needs.
    To that end, it monitors the room temperature during the entire 24 hours of the day and establishes the necessary level of charge to maintain the selected temperature. So, it avoids unnecessary consumption.
  • Is it complicated to configure Ecombi PRO storage heating equipment?
    No, Ecombi PRO incorporates a quick start-up in just three steps. You can set it up with the help of the instruction manual.
  • Is any maintenance required?
    No, as the Ecombi PRO storage heater is a 100% electrical system and no combustion occurs during its operation, it is totally safe and does not require any maintnenance whatsoever.
  • Can I adjust the capacity contract to the operation of the different Ecombi PRO equipment?
  • Yes, with the new Ecombi PRO storage heaters it is possible to obtain a dynamic control of the power since they are able to adapt their consumption in real time and alternate their operation among the different equipments of the same installation, avoiding exceeding the power limit when the storage heaters and other household appliances of the house are operating simultaneously.

  • How can I get a dynamic power control with heating equipment?
  • To rationalize the simultaneous output, it is essential to connect the equipment to the Elnur Wifi Control App via WiFi with the switchboard control HUB.
    In addition, the PM rationalizer will be installed in the home’s electrical panel to inform the App of the home’s total consumption. Finally, it is possible to indicate the maximum capacity of the house contract. So, the App will alternate the operation of the equipment when it detects that total consumption is about to exceed the contracted output.
    In this way, the storage heaters can alternate their operation to never exceed the maximum power set, taking into account the comfort priorities set up in each unit.

  • What are the advantages of Ecombi PRO wifi control?
    • Remote control and full management. You can manage the Ecombi PRO equipment via any Smartphone, Tablet or device with an Internet connection (On / Off, program, temperature control, equipment settings, etc.).
    • Recording of consumption and temperature. You may see, at any time and via the App, a graphic to show all the historic data for consumption and temperature.
    • Rationalize the output of your home. In order not to exceed the contracted output during periods of high consumption, the various equipment units distribute output amongst one another through an automatic disconnection.
    • Location detector. The Ecombi PRO storage heater georeferences your location via your mobile device.
  • Is it necessary to install G Control Hub for wifi management?
    Yes, the G Control Hub switchboard plays a vital role in controlling the equipment via the Elnur WiFi Control App.

    What is more, you should download the Elni WiFi Control App on your mobile device and use it to control your storage heaters. The download is completely free and is available in the main stores.
  • How many Ecombi PRO storage heaters may I control with one G Control Hub?
    For every G Control Hub switchboard, you may control up to 31 Ecombi PRO storage heaters.
  • Can I reduce the total output contracted with the electrical company?
    Yes, it is possible to adjust the contracted output, including the G Control PM device.
  • What is G Control PM?
    It is a device that detects the total consumption of the house and allows a dynamic control of the power of Elnur Gabarron heating equipment. As the rationalization is done through the application, only the equipments with wifi technology are able to establish heating priorities and rationalize in the same installation.

  • How does the G Control PM controller work?
    The G Control PM power controller reports directly to the home’s electrical consumption system. When it is about to exceed the contracted capacity, the system will manage the connection or disconnection of the different Ecombi PRO installed so that it will never exeed the maximum output. The final result is a more precise adjustment to the contracted capacity and, consequently, a lower bill for you.
  • How do I install the G Control PM controller?
    The G Control PM controller is fitted in a DIN rail of the electrical panel. It is connected to an intensity gauge to discover the output of the home’s total consumption.
  • What is the dynamic power control?
    The dynamic power control DPC is the technology that allows the simultaneous operation of several storage heaters in the home, adapting their consumption and allowing the contracted power to be reduced in order to keep the power term as close as possible to the consumption.
    The DPC gives the user the opportunity to enjoy a more efficient consumption, since it performs real-time readings of each heating and DHW equipment, along with the rest of the domestic consumption as a whole.
  • What is the Dynamic Power Control measured with?
    With the PM power meter it is possible to adjust the maximum contracted power for the home and establish heating priorities among the different equipments, adapting consumption to never exceed the established maximum power.
    When the system detects a consumption very close to or higher than the contracted power, it will determine which equipment or equipment to disconnect momentarily, depending on the priority set for each one of them.

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